February 7, 2023

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Cheated by fraud, the woman took 45 lakhs from her ex-husband and sent it to her ‘boyfriend’.

Story highlights

  • The old woman lived with her ex-husband even after marriage
  • The old lady said to keep it simple in court

A woman who fell in love online has lost around 45 lakh rupees. This 66-year-old woman stole this money from her ex-husband. When the matter reached the court, the woman told herself that she was a victim of online fraud.

The woman’s name is Patricia Bassman. After talking to an online user, the woman gave her heart. When the beneficiary started asking her for money, she stole the money from her husband in the middle of the night and started giving it to the beneficiary.

Taking advantage of her ex-husband’s sleep, the woman took his bank cards. After this, Patricia, who lives in Britain, used to send Amazon vouchers and funds to her online boyfriend, who lives in the US. After this the girl felt that the man would start a new relationship with her. He was not aware of the fraud at the time.

During the trial at Teesside Crown Court, it was told that Patricia had separated from her husband Tim after 40 years of marriage. But despite this she was living with her ex-husband. The couple has three children.

Even after the marriage broke up, the two continued to work together. Because Patricia was a secretary at her husband’s company, Bassman Pipe Inspection Services. The lawyer told the court that Patricia confessed to stealing around Rs 22 lakh from her husband’s personal account and Rs 23 lakh from his business account.

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Jenny said Patricia stole this money from her husband for two years between January 2019 and January 2021. He said the theft of the money had caused Tim a huge financial loss.

Patricia Bassman has now been convicted of theft. The court was told that Patricia had been convicted 5 times before in 12 different cases. He was convicted in a drug-related case in 1993 and shoplifting in 1996 and 1997.

Bennett, Patricia’s lawyer, said she was deeply ashamed of her actions. She is very simple. She herself became a victim of online fraud and harmed herself.

After hearing the case, Judge Jamie Hill said- she (Patricia) thought she would find a boyfriend online and start a relationship with him. It sounds like you thought you were in a relationship with someone from America. But you are deceived.

The judge sentenced Patricia to 18 months in prison, which will be suspended for 2 years. Ordered to work 200 hours without pay.