November 30, 2022

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China Corona: Is China Killing Dogs Ending Corona? Cruel moment when Chinese health worker beats mistress in Corona isolated tstf

Highlights of the story

  • The dog was killed on Corona suspicion
  • Video of the incident has been released
  • Craftsmanship of Chinese health workers

The corona virus is spreading again in China. Meanwhile, health workers beat the dog to death in the name of the Govt Protocol. When the health staff killed the dog to enter the house, its mistress was alone due to Corona. The video related to this incident has been released and has raised many questions.

According to the ‘Daily Mail’ news, health workers entered a house in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province and attacked the dog with an iron bar on the head. A video of the incident has been released in which people wearing BPE kits can be seen attacking the dog. The pet dog was beaten to death with a stick (the dog was killed in China).

Murder on suspicion of having corona symptoms

The dog’s mistress, whose name is Fu, was alone in a hotel outside the home at the time. Although his Govt report is negative, his dog has not yet been tested. The dog is said to have been killed on suspicion of having corona symptoms.

Questions arose after the video was released

The dog’s owner, Fu, was ordered to leave the house after corona positive cases were found in his apartment. Hours later, CCTV footage showed two health workers entering his home with wire and a plastic bag. They found the dog hiding under a table and hit its head with a crow (stick). This action has sparked a debate about harsh methods of dealing with the corona virus.

Infection is on the rise in China

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According to the report, authorities are under pressure to control the growing corona virus in China. The spread of delta variation also continues rapidly. So far, about 1,300 cases have been reported in two-thirds of the country. However, it is not yet clear who told health workers to kill the dog.