October 2, 2022

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China has deployed its new submarine in the South China Sea to surround Taiwan, equipped with the YJ-18 anti-ship missile.

Beijing: China seems to be in a r-or-cross mood about Taiwan. This is the reason why the Chinese administration withdrew the autonomy offer to Taiwan by issuing a White Paper after the military exercise. China’s anger can be gauged from the deployment of its new submarine, which was commissioned in July near Taiwan. The diesel electric submarine is said to be equipped with an indigenously developed wind independent propulsion system. Because of this China’s new submarine is very difficult to detect. The submarine is equipped with various anti-ship missiles and surface attack missiles. In such a situation, if China takes any military action against Taiwan, this submarine can play a very important role.

This submarine is a new variant of Type-039A
According to a report in Naval News, the submarine is a new variant of China’s Type-039A Yuan class. Its exact name is unknown, but Western researchers believe it to be Type-039C or -D. The submarine was built in Wuhan and shipped to Shanghai for fitting out. After completing one year of launch, it is now operational. China’s new weapon is considered more powerful for the new class of submarines.

Equipped with YJ-18 supersonic anti-ship missile
China’s new submarine has been developed with stealth capabilities. The submarine looks similar to the design of the Swedish A-26 from the outside. Because of its unique design, it is very difficult to detect under the sea. The submarine is equipped with a Vertical Launch System (VLS) to launch powerful missiles. Like the other submarines of the Yuan class, it is likely to be armed. The submarine is also equipped with the YJ-18 supersonic anti-ship missile. The submarine has a dot array sonar that passes through the upper hull.

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China is rapidly building warships and submarines
Given the rising tensions in the South China Sea, China is rapidly building warships and submarines for its navy. Seven of China’s 62 submarines are nuclear powered. In such a situation, there is no need to spend much in the form of regular fuel. China had already mastered the art of shipbuilding. In 2015, the Chinese Navy conducted a major campaign to match its strength with the US Navy. Today, the work of transforming the PLA into a world-class fighting force continues at the same pace.