June 8, 2023

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China hides missiles in ship containers: China hides missiles in ship containers: China hides missiles in container containers for unprovoked attacks anywhere in the world, including India.


  • The Chinese dragon is now developing missiles that can be hidden inside cargo ships
  • These Chinese killer missiles will leave the ports without being easily caught
  • In the event of war, China could suddenly launch a terrorist missile attack anywhere in the world.

The Chinese dragon, which has its eyes set from Taiwan to Ladakh, is currently developing missiles that can be hidden inside cargo ships. According to Western experts, these missiles could easily leave ports without being captured, and in the event of war, China could launch a sudden terrorist missile attack on any part of the world without any warning. China’s move comes at a time when Dragon is building a large fleet of warships and aircraft carriers.

According to experts, China has the largest navy of sophisticated cargo ships that can easily hide missiles. He said the ships, which looked like ordinary containers from the outside, would be fitted with killer missiles. These will be hidden among the thousands of cargo ships coming from China. With the help of a Chinese ship, the missile can be easily launched into an enemy port, thus launching a sudden and intense attack.
The United States has announced a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics, a major blow to China
Competition to become a superpower between the United States and China
Rick Fischer of the Center for International Assessment and Strategy said there was every possibility that China had missiles that could not be detected by radar or scan. There is competition between the US and China to become the world’s superpower. Both countries want to become a better power economically and militarily. There is great tension between China and the United States over the future of Taiwan.

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The threat of a Chinese attack on Taiwan in the future is increasing. China has persecuted one million Uyghur Muslims and kept them in tortured homes. A prototype of this stolen Chinese missile was on display at the 2016 Arms Show, and since then there has been speculation that it may have been used intensively. The Chinese are trying to destroy the defense systems deployed on the enemy’s shores by attacking these missiles. After this, it can be attacked by sea or air.

China hiding missiles

China hides missiles inside cargo ships