May 29, 2022

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China Pakistan Vs India; Russia’s Super Advanced S-500 Missile Defense Agreement on Vladimir Putin’s Visit | India can make Super Advanced S-500 missile defense deal with Russia, China-Pakistan life in the spotlight

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  • China Pakistan Vs India; Russia’s Super Advanced S500 Missile Defense Agreement on Vladimir Putin’s Visit

2 hours agoAuthor: Tridev Sharma

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in India on December 6 for a one-day visit. During this, the first 2 + 2 talks between the two countries will take place. In this, the Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs of the two countries will hold talks. China and Pakistan seem to be very upset by Putin’s visit to India. The reason for this is also reasonable. In fact, media reports suggest that India could buy the S-500 or S-500 SAM, a super-advanced missile defense system from Russia. This is far more dangerous than the S-400 missile defense, which India began to deliver. Let us understand this matter.

We will soon be developing the S-400 security system
In 2018, India signed an agreement to purchase the S-400 missile defense system from Russia. It is said to be the world’s most advanced missile defense system. Apart from Russia, the system exists only in China and Turkey. What is special is that the United States is furious at the S-400 deal between India and Russia. Despite imposing various sanctions on Turkey, he was unable to exert any pressure on India. This is because India needs to keep China in check and it cannot take the risk of angering India. China has also opposed India’s purchase of the S-400 aircraft. But Russia had made it clear that it would definitely give the S-400 to India as India and Russia have a 70-year military relationship.

What happens if there is a deal on the S-500?
If Putin and Modi make a deal on the S-500 Super Advanced Missile Defense system, make sure India will reach farther than China and Pakistan. This is the reason why these two enemies of India’s neighbors are upset. At present India and Russia are not saying anything on this issue. Neither the foreign nor the defense ministries of the two countries consider it appropriate to refer to it. Three years ago, even during the S-400 deal, the two countries had the same approach.

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One more thing, if the S-500 deal goes through, India will be the only foreign country to receive this protection. India will also make it a condition before Russia not to hand over the S-500 security system to China. Pakistan does not even have the capacity to buy it.

The deal is not easy
Why aren’t India and Russia talking about the Super Advanced Missile Defense System S-500 or S-500 SAM? This question has been thrown up by the Pakistani media for days and discussions are going on on TV channels. With media censorship in China, nothing like this can come out. The United States has threatened to impose sanctions on the S-400. So far no decision has been taken on this. The question is, will he be quiet even on the S-500? Does he not know about the kichadi being cooked between India and Russia? Will this deal be allowed to happen? Will this agreement not break the relationship between China and Russia? Will this deal not pave the way for a new arms race in Asia? The answers to these questions are in the pit of time. Let’s see what happens.

India has also received Russia's cooperation for the BrahMos missile.

India has also received Russia’s cooperation for the BrahMos missile.

India needs Russia’s military equipment

  • India has had strong military ties with Russia since independence. Apart from military hardware, India also buys tanks, small arms, aircraft, ships, carrier aircraft (INS Vikramaditya) and submarines from this trusted friend.
  • The two countries are jointly developing BrahMos supersonic missiles.
  • Negotiations are underway to set up a manufacturing unit for Ka-226T helicopters in India.
  • According to one statistic, since 1991, India has purchased $ 70 billion worth of military equipment from Russia.
  • Russia also facilitates India in terms of technology transfer compared to other countries.
  • Russia’s military equipment is in line with India’s demand and is much cheaper than the United States.
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Help at DRDO too
According to a report, many Russian scientists are always in the field of nuclear energy (DRDO) to assist in the field of technology. Both countries are particularly focused on nuclear reactor technology and submarine development. In terms of space intelligence, Russia and India have been active for a long time. Russia recently launched one of its satellites into space. India has already achieved this success.

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