August 10, 2022

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China: People take to the streets against locks in Shanghai, urging government to end sanctions soon

Highlights of the story

  • Shanghai has been locked up for the past 7 weeks
  • Only cardholders will be allowed to go

Strict restrictions have been imposed in Shanghai, China due to the corona infection. Shanghai, with a population of 25 million, has been locked up for the past 7 weeks. According to reports, there has been a slight drop in Govt cases here, but no relief has been provided in relation to the restrictions. The enraged people staged a sit-in in the street. People protested. At this point, Lockdown said it should be removed. Restrictions should be relaxed. The news spread to WhatsApp groups in various parts of the city.

According to the agency, 21 million people still live in Shanghai under strict restrictions. But whether or not people are allowed to come out is the responsibility of the local councils. Therefore, only special card holders can leave the house.

People in the area say that the impact of the Govt continues to decline. Now the government must also consider ending Lockdown. Because we are facing many problems. In our community for a long time no positive patient came out.

We were given three different dates, ”said Veronica Trussinska, a Polish graduate student living in Shanghai. Lockdown was said to be coming to an end. But the restrictions are still in effect. The housing committee has now told us that all restrictions will be lifted by June 1st. At the top Huxianzu complex, people reported protesting last night against the deregulation.

Trussinska said we were not allowed to leave the house. Even the essentials for livelihood are running out. Here health department teams are knocking on every door. Checks people’s temperature. People’s names and residence numbers are mentioned. The situation in Shanghai has changed to the point where those who are there are trapped.