December 1, 2022

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China told US President Biden – speak carefully

Image source, Craig Baker / AFP via Getty Image

China has said there is “no place” for any compromise or exclusion on the Taiwan issue.

China’s statement came after US President Joe Biden’s statement that the United States was committed to defending Taiwan if it attacked China.

At the daily conference, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenpin reiterated China’s claim that Taiwan is part of China.

“When it comes to China’s core interests of sovereignty and regional unity, there is no room for compromise or exclusion,” he said.

Wang Wenpin said that no one should underestimate our strong commitment and strong ability to protect Chinese sovereignty and unity.

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Tensions between Taiwan and China have escalated over the past few weeks. Dozens of Chinese warplanes entered Taiwan’s airspace.

At the conference, Wang Wenpin said, “Taiwan is an undeniable part of China. The Taiwan issue is completely China’s internal affair and foreign intervention is not allowed.”

Speaking about Taiwan, he said the United States should be careful in its words and not send any “false signal” to separatist forces for Taiwan’s independence so that relations between China and the United States are not severely affected and that there is no peace and tranquility in Taiwan. Not to be seriously damaged. Do not disturb the consistency.

Image source, Joe Biden / Facebook

What did Biden say?

US President Joe Biden has said the United States will defend Taiwan if China attacks it. President Biden issued the statement taking a different view of the United States’ old position on Taiwan.

Asked if the United States would protect Taiwan, Biden said, “Yes, we are committed to doing so.”

A participant in the American news channel CNN Downhall cited recent reports of China’s hyposonic missile test and asked if Biden was committed to defending Taiwan. What will Biden do to confront China’s military?

In response to these questions, Biden said, “Yes and yes. China, Russia and other parts of the world know that our military is the most powerful in world history. There is no need to despair as they grow stronger.”

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Tensions between China and Taiwan have escalated in recent days

CNN announcer Anderson Cooper asked Biden another question, “If China attacks Taiwan, will the US come forward to help?” To this Biden said, “Yes, we are determined to do this.”

But then White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki clarified Biden’s comments and said the United States had not announced any change in its policy. This is not the first time this has happened.

Earlier in August, Biden issued a similar statement in Taiwan in an interview with ABC News. Even then, the White House had made it clear that there would be no change in US policy towards Taiwan.

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What did Taiwan say?

Taiwan’s presidential office has said it will not bow to pressure or take any emergency action if it receives any support.

Taiwan’s presidential spokesman Xavier Cheng said: “Taiwan will defend itself.

Cheng acknowledged that the Biden administration in the United States has been steadfast in its support for Taiwan.

Ahead of Biden’s statement at the town hall on Thursday, China’s ambassador to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, called the U.S. position on Taiwan “dangerous.”

Image source, AFP

The complex relationship between China and Taiwan

  • The tension between China and Taiwan is of historical significance. China and Taiwan were separated during the Civil War in the 1940s. Since then, Taiwan has called itself an independent country, while China sees it as an autonomous province and talks about strong annexation if necessary.
  • Taiwan has its own constitution, with democratically elected leaders and nearly three million active soldiers.
  • Only a few countries have recognized Taiwan. Most countries consider Taiwan a part of China. The United States has no official diplomatic relations with Taiwan. But under the Taiwan Relations Act, the United States sells arms to him. The law states that the United States will provide the necessary assistance to defend Taiwan.

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China-Taiwan in recent times

Tensions are rising again between China and Taiwan. After continuing to intervene in Taiwan’s airspace, China’s top leadership also spoke about Taiwan’s ‘integration’.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has said Taiwan’s ‘integration must end’.

G said the integration should be done quietly. At the same time, he said, the Chinese people have a ‘great tradition’ of opposing separatism.

In response, Taiwan said its future was in the hands of its people.

Image source, Reuters

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen has said that Taiwan will continue to strengthen its security so that no one can use force on its island.

He said that if China kept Taiwan under its control, it would have catastrophic consequences.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) sent 150 aircraft into Taiwanese airspace in the first four days of October.

It is seen as a show of power in the Chinese media, but many governments around the world have taken it as a show of fear and aggression by China.

Taiwan has urged countries around the world to understand China’s broader threat.

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