May 25, 2022

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China’s Zero-Govt Policy Subjected to Unprecedented Neglect, Misdiagnosis and Abuse Videos leaked on social media confirming blatant human rights abuses:

Beijing: The destruction of the corona, in spite of all China’s effortsGovt cases in China) Does not take the name of stop. Strict surveillance of people in all major cities, including Shanghai, the capital BeijingGovt controls in Shanghai) It is done. The communist regime in China has reached the point where it is openly beating its own citizens.People beaten in China) Was used. Several videos of the incident have gone viral on social media, showing Chinese health workers wearing PPE equipment and beating ordinary people. This shows how far China can go with its zero Govt policy. Curfew is currently in effect in 27 cities in China. The 165 million people living in these cities are imprisoned in their respective homes. The worst of them is Shanghai, the financial capital of China, and the capital, Beijing. People are being attacked in these two cities.

Chinese health workers are openly beating people
In several videos leaked on social media, health workers wearing President Xi Jinping’s white PPE equipment are seen beating people, dragging people down the road and welding doors to traffic jams. In addition, large-scale isolation centers have been set up in each city, where thousands of people have been forcibly imprisoned. Ordinary people face great difficulties due to China’s strict laws to prevent epidemics. Despite this, China is not in the mood to exempt its citizens. During locking, the Chinese government uses robot dogs and drones for surveillance.

China is carrying out repression under the Zero Govt policy
To prevent an epidemic, China is sticking to its zero Govt policy. Under this, drastic measures such as locking, mass testing, isolation and closing of borders are taken to prevent the virus. But due to the rapidly spreading Omigran variations, China’s policy has been called into question. The corona virus is spreading rapidly in various provinces and cities of China. In such a situation, the effect of China’s zero Govt policy of strict restrictions is unknown. At the same time, these restrictions have forced people to starve to death.

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It is being monitored by robot dogs, drones and helicopters
Robot dogs, drones and helicopters are used to monitor people in Chinese cities. If more than one person gathers at any one place, they are alerted by these machines. Not only this, the police are being dropped off from the helicopters to maintain law and order. The guards beat the captives in a barbaric manner. During this time many were injured, but the Communist regime never heard of these atrocities. Even in hospitals, treatment is denied on the grounds that it is Govt.