May 25, 2022

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Chinese Foreign Minister’s visit to India this month; China likely to withdraw from Russian pressure | Chinese Foreign Minister’s visit to India this month; China is likely to back down from Russian pressure

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  • Chinese Foreign Minister visits India this month; China is likely to withdraw from Russian pressure

New Delhi21 hours agoAuthor: Mukesh Kaushik

The impact of the Ukraine-Russia war is beginning to affect world politics. India could also benefit from the withdrawal of Chinese troops from the LAC (Line of Control) in eastern Ladakh. Direct deployment of troops on the northern and southern ends of Lake Pangong began in February last year.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is coming to Delhi in the last week of this month to find a formula for withdrawing troops from the LAC and resuming bilateral relations with India. Wang invites Prime Minister Narendra Modi to come to Beijing to attend the BRICS summit.

If India agrees, Foreign Minister S.K. Jaisankar will go. According to sources, India has set a condition with China to restore its status on the LAC before May 2020 to ensure India’s presence at the BRICS meeting. China is ready for this.

Bhaskar spoke to former Army chief General VP Malik (retd.) About the matter. Let us know why there is a possibility of China retreating …

Why the recession in the attitude of the Chinese?
Russian President Vladimir Putin wants this. Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to strengthen the world brotherhood following the launch of military operations in Ukraine. Standing between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping, he wants to deliver a big message from Beijing to the Western world.

This is only possible through the BRICS and the RIC (Russia, India, China) forum. China is currently holding summit meetings of these two formats, but on the LAC issue, India has made it clear that Modi’s participation in the meeting will be possible only after ending tensions on the border. That’s why China is softer now. The problem can be solved by implementing the Moscow agreement.

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What is a mosque agreement?
The Moscow Agreement was signed between India and China on 10 September 2020. There are many things in this agreement, due to which China can be bound to implement these 5 things.
1. Both sides should follow the consensus reached between top leaders and do not turn differences into controversy.
2. There must be communication between the military, deployment must be eliminated as soon as possible and proper spacing must be maintained.
3. Both countries should avoid such activity on the border, which would aggravate the situation.
4. The talks of the delegates on the border issue should continue and the consultation and coordination mechanism should continue its meetings.
5. Once the situation returns to normal, steps must be taken to develop new confidence.

Why is China in a hurry during Foreign Minister Wang’s visit to India?
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida arrives in India on March 19. With this in mind, Russia and China want to take immediate diplomatic action. Kishita is coming to attend the Modi Quad meeting. A platform-sharing meeting between Modi and the US president is scheduled for June in Tokyo. At the same time Russia is trying to keep the three most powerful leaders in the world, Modi-Putin-Jinping, together on the same platform.

What will be the role of BRICS?
The BRICS forum, which includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, is becoming the medium for ending the conflict between India and China. Tensions in Doklam ended before the 2017 BRICS summit. China’s agenda is clear. He wants to pursue his business interests while staying with Russia. These issues include …

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