June 29, 2022

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Chinese President Xi Jinping’s stern warning criticizing Zero Govt policy

Chinese President Xi Jinping warns


Due to the corona infection, China is often making headlines around the world. The Zero Govt policy in particular is being discussed every day. In fact, China has imposed very strict controls to control the corona across the country. Thus the people living there are facing various hardships. That is why China’s Govt policy has been severely criticized. In this context, Chinese President Xi Jinping has issued a stern warning to those who speak out against the ‘Zero Govt Policy’.

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Currently, there is a lot of anger among the public as a very severe lockdown has been imposed in many cities in China. Heavy protests have taken place in several cities in China. In this context, at a meeting of the ruling Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping declared his full support for the Govt policy. It was also decided that if anyone suspected or did not believe in the country’s anti-epidemic policies, they would be severely punished.

Xi Jinping is reporting this for the first time after public outrage over the corona lockout in Shanghai, China. According to the state-run Xinhua News Agency, the seven-member panel said our security and control policy is determined by the nature and function of the party. Our policies can stand the test of history. Our steps are scientific and effective. We have won the battle to save Wuhan, and we will surely win the battle for the conquest of Shanghai.

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According to a CNN report, Shanghai residents have expressed their anger on social media over the past five weeks against severe food shortages and medical shortages. Xinping then issued this warning. Citing experts, Xi Jinping’s warning is said to indicate that opposition voices within the Communist Party have intensified over China’s zero Govt policy.

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