March 27, 2023

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Corona breaks record in UK, more than one lakh infected patients diagnosed in one day – corona exceeds one lakh in one day in UK Govt cases ommicron ntc

Highlights of the story

  • A maximum of 68,000 people have been affected by the corona in the last wave.
  • In the UK on Wednesday 106122 people were infected with Govt-19 disease

Govt-19 is once again wreaking havoc in various parts of the world. In the UK, more than one lakh cases of Govt positive corona have been reported in a single day. Whereas last week a maximum of 93,045 people were affected by corona. On Wednesday, 106,122 people were infected with the corona, UK officials said. This is the highest number of corona in a day ever. There has not been so much corona exposure in the UK in 24 hours so far. With this, the corona swallowed 140 people in 28 days.

The last wave of the Corona affected a maximum of 68000 people a day in the UK. But this time Corona is breaking her record every day. If the same condition persists, it is difficult to say what the nature of the corona will be.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reiterated his stance on ‘encourage now’. He warned that further action could be needed next week. With this, he said Omicron should be taken seriously. The UK Joint Committee on Vaccines (JCVI) has said that children at high risk for Covit-19 should be vaccinated.

As of Tuesday, 968,665 people in the UK had been given boosters and vaccinated against Govt-19. The JCVI said children between the ages of 5 and 11 in the risk group should be given primary education or first aid.

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Considering the new threat of corona, experts have advised that children should be given the 10 microgram dose of Pfizer-Biontech corona vaccine, which is one-third of the dose given to adults. In addition, there should be an interval of eight weeks between the first and second doses.