March 25, 2023

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Corona returns to China … flights canceled … School closed and many places locked – China Corona school closes flight canceled

Story Highlights

  • The corona threat has increased again in China
  • The school was closed and locked in several places

The corona virus has started spreading again in China. There, cases seem to be on the rise. Because of this, the Chinese government has definitely come and taken several drastic measures. Flights are canceled, schools are closed in many areas and there are re-locks in some places.

Corona threat again in China

The epidemic is known to be spreading rapidly in the northern and northwestern cities of China. It is believed that some passengers coming from outside may have caused the explosion. For now, the administration has begun to take drastic action. Mass testing is being done, besides, tourist spots have been closed, entertainment venues have been locked in relocation areas and in some areas locks have arrived.

At the same time, in the Lanzhou region of China, people have been urged not to leave their homes. Requested to stay home if there is no urgent work. At the same time, outsiders are also being asked to show Govt a negative statement. In such a situation, the rules are very strict and action is taken if they are not followed.

The flight was canceled, in locked areas

About 60 percent of flights in the Xian and Lanzhou areas have been canceled due to rising cases. It is said that due to the increasing number of cases in the Mongolian region, coal imports may also be affected. In China, only 13 cases were reported in 24 hours. But this strictness is seen because the Chinese government does not want a serious corona patient in its country. In such a situation, even with the arrival of a case, a panic situation arises.