June 2, 2023

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Corona virus death toll rises to 50 lakh; Johns Hopkins University Report Real Statistics | In 19 months, the virus killed more than New Zealand’s population, with a maximum of 7.66 lakh deaths in the United States.

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Worldwide, the death toll from Govt-19 has exceeded 50 million. This figure is higher than the total population of New Zealand. According to Johns Hopkins University, 5 million deaths were completed in 19 months. It gives an idea of ​​the severity of the infection. The actual death toll could be three times higher, the news agency reported, citing some experts.

According to the report, the epidemic has hit the United States, Brazil, India, Mexico and the United Kingdom hardest. 1.97 lakh people have been affected worldwide in the last 28 days. During this time one crore 17 lakh new cases have been reported. The number of corona victims in the United States is 468 million. In India, 3.42 crore people are infected with the virus. In Brazil, which ranks third, the figure is 2.18 crore.

Still in force in China
At the end of 2019, the first corona case was reported in China. In March 2020, it engulfed the entire world. What is special is that no matter where the virus goes, no one, including China, has been able to recover from it. In recent days, thousands of cases have been reported in China alone.

Speaking of the world, most cases have been detected in the US, UK, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine in the last month. According to worldometers.info, 7.66 lakh people have died due to the infection in the United States so far. It was followed by Brazil and India. 4.58 lakh people have lost their lives in India. In addition, more than 2 lakh patients have died in Mexico, Russia and Peru.

A maximum of 40,000 people a day are affected in Russia

In Russia, new corona cases are being reported every day.

In Russia, new corona cases are being reported every day.

More than 40,000 cases have been reported in Russia in the last 24 hours. A day earlier, the Federal Response Center said on Monday that 40,993 new cases had been detected in the country. So far, a total of 85.54 lakh people have been affected in the country. The impact of the epidemic is high in the capital Moscow. The death toll in the country has reached 2.39 lakh.

Vaccination speed is very fast
The vaccine is advancing rapidly in most countries. So far in the UK, about 80% of people 12 years of age or older have been vaccinated with two doses. 86.9% took the first dose. Albert Goo, a Yale University epidemiologist, says such an event only happens once in our lives. It is better to keep ourselves safe.

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