February 7, 2023

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Dainik Bhaskar News Headlines; Pakistan India missile attack, China Corona virus 4th wave cases, Karnataka hijab controversy | As Pakistan was about to launch a missile attack on India, Ashok Gelad confronted Kapil Sibal directly for the Gandhi family.

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  • Dainik Bhaskar News Headlines; Pakistan India missile attack, China Corona virus 4th wave cases, Karnataka hijab controversy

2 hours agoAuthor: Ajith Banwar, News Brief Editor

The missile strike caused a rift in the already strained relations between India and Pakistan. In three more places the situation is worse. First in Ukraine, here the Russian army is destroying cities one after another. The second is China, where Corona is back in full force, and the third is Congress, where leaders have begun to fight among themselves after the election defeat. Read the great news of the country and the world in just 5 minutes in the morning news summary …

Let’s first look at today’s major events

  1. Coronavirus vaccination is given to children 12 to 14 years of age nationwide.
  2. The Supreme Court is set to hear the cancellation of Ashish Mishra’s bail in the Lakhimpur Gary case.
  3. Bhagwant Singh becomes the Chief Minister of Bhagat Singh’s village Katkar Kalan.

5 great news will keep you updated

1. The controversy that started in the Congress after the election defeat, Sibal questioned Rahul

There has been disagreement in Congress after the election defeat. Leaders of Punjab Sunny and Sidhu are blamed and then Rahul Gandhi sees the reason for Kapil Sibal’s failure. Rahul continues to make decisions even when he is not the leader. Replying to this, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gelad said Sibal did not know the culture of the Congress. Sonia Gandhi, on the other hand, chose five states. The leaders demanded his resignation There is.
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2. Pakistan was on a mission to retaliate against India by missiles
Pakistan is preparing to retaliate after an Indian missile fell on its territory. At the moment, reports suggest that some officials believe India did not deliberately launch the missile. Of course something went wrong. Meanwhile, the Minister of Defense Rajnath Singh in Parliament He said the missile had failed by mistake during routine maintenance. United States It can even be considered an accident.
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3. The Karnataka High Court has ruled that the hijab is not mandatory in Islam
The Karnataka High Court has upheld the ban on wearing the hijab in schools and colleges. The court said Hijab is an essential part of Islam Not there. Girls should only wear school uniforms. After the verdict, 35 students took the exam at the government college. Petition in the Supreme Court Has been filed. Girls claiming the right to hijab have said they will continue to fight for it. I hope justice will be served in the Supreme Court.
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4. Russia bans Joe Biden, cities continue to be bombed

Russia-Ukraine war ends 20 days Russia is still a long way from capturing the capital, Kiev. US President Joe Biden has said he will arm Ukraine against Russia. Following this, Russia banned 13 US leaders, including Biden, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Biden will travel to Brussels next week for a special NATO meeting.
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5. More corona cases a day in China, locking up in 11 cities
Corona is breaking old records in China. A large number of cases have been detected so far in a single day. Following this, curfew orders have been issued in 11 cities. More than 30 million people live in these cities. Domestic flights have been canceled at Beijing and Shanghai airports. Apartments in other cities, including Shanghai, are completely sealed. Experts have also warned that the debate over the zero Govt policy should be avoided for now.
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Some important news on the topic …

  1. The Supreme Court’s big ruling in favor of tenants, – not being able to pay rent is not a crime (Read the full story)
  2. The price of flour has risen by 6 rupees per kilo due to the Russo-Ukraine war, and after Maggi, the price of biscuits will also rise. (Read the full story)
  3. The semi-final chances will be strong if England and India, who have lost all their matches in the Women’s World Cup, win (Read the full story)

News but something else …
Every tank that entered Ukraine had Russia Z written on it, which was Putin’s special code

On February 24, Russian troops entered Ukraine. The Z-mark on his tanks and military vehicles caught everyone’s attention. The question was asked what that meant. This mark later became a symbol of firm support for the invasion of Ukraine. Experts believe that this is a code word given by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Its purpose was to assassinate Zhelensky. Read everything about Bhaskar is the narrator In …

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From the cartoonist’s point of view …

Most Read News

News photo …

The world famous Eiffel Tower has grown to over 20 feet. With the installation of the digital radio antenna, its height was increased to 330 meters. This device was installed from a helicopter. The antenna will be used for digital radio transmission in Paris.

What happened today in history
On the same day in 1988, the Iraqi army launched a chemical attack on the city of Halebaza on the Iranian border. 5,000 people died instantly as mustard gas mixed into the air. 10 thousand people became permanently ill. The city was largely inhabited by Kurds who were dissatisfied with Saddam Hussein’s rule in Iraq. When the Iranian army entered the area, the Kurds welcomed them. This annoyed Saddam. He decided to teach the Kurds a lesson. This attack is the result of that hatred. (Read other events today …)

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