August 16, 2022

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Damien Lillard Stance Kevin Durant in Instagram photos

Damien Lillard Stance Kevin Durant in Instagram photos

The NBA draft came and went but Portland Trail Blazers It appears that the commercial rumors are not finished. Last? Brooklyn Networks Superstar Kevin Durant. The 6’10 forward was said to have been “watching the Brooklyn Nets’ situation and considering options with his future,” according to NBA insider Shams Al-Sharani.

Soon, Trail Blazers fans began discussing the idea of ​​Kevin Durant’s deal to bring the star to Portland. The rumors gained further momentum on Saturday when Trail Blazers center Josef Nurkic tweeted a photoshopped photo of Portland star Damian Lillard posing next to Kevin Durant in a Blazers shirt.

Lillard also shared the same photo that was taken using Photoshop on his Instagram Story.

The post quickly went viral on Twitter among fans and sports media alike, sparking an uproar about whether the two stars might actually collaborate. Lillard’s instagram story has since been removed, but Nurkic’s tweet and constant gossip remain.

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