March 28, 2023

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David Harbor and Lily Allen’s Over-The Top Bathroom

Everyone seems to forget that Lily Allen and David Harbor are *item*. *

They met in 2019, and married in 2020. I’d call that a whirlwind, but hey, as Planet Fitness says: This is territory where you have no control*!

Their house is very colorful.

They sure love flowers!

And they have this utterly useless lamp which to me is quintessentially New York.

“That’s great, that lamp doesn’t quite work!”

But I’m here to talk about one room in particular: their bathroom.

Yes, this is their bathroom.

It’s the most living room-like bathroom I think I’ve ever seen.

And this is a big pink refrigerator.

It seems that the bathroom was mostly done by David.

“When I lived in apartments in New York City, I only had bathrooms. There was a toilet, shower, sink, and toothbrush. Now I have a room where you can take a shower, or you can sit, or you can brush your teeth and do whatever you want.”

“I have asked for some items on this floor, only some necessary: ​​I said I want swan taps.”

“I also wanted a refrigerator from outer space.”

There are also laundries that are replicas of something from Versailles.

They have these random little silver figurines.

Then there’s Lily Allen’s artwork.

This is a framed embroidered picture of venereal disease.

So yeah, it’s a little extra!

But hey, I guess that’s what you do with a billion dollars!