March 27, 2023

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Deer spreading corona virus could spread new deadly govt strain study

New York, Humans may be due to deer Corona virus (Corona virus) may be affected by the new variant. Scientists have warned about this. In fact, at least three strains of the virus have been identified in wild white-tailed deer. A study in Ohio in the United States found that animals can act as ‘reservoirs’ for the virus and emerge from it as highly dangerous variants.

New types of govt emerging around the world have raised concerns. Recently, the Omigron variant was discovered, which is spreading rapidly. Professor Andrew Bowman, senior author of a study at The Ohio State University, said: “Based on the evidence from other studies, we know that deer in the wild can be infected with the virus.

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He said they consider if they are infected in the forest. In such a situation, if the virus is inside them, they can infect humans with new strains of SARS-CoV-2. Three species found in deer were found in about one-third of 360 animal specimens. They were found in six different places.

There is evidence of the spread of the virus among deer. This suggests that they can bring out the most dangerous variations. Samples were taken from the deer between January and March 2021. No delta variation or any other variation was expressed during this time. After this, surprising results came from the genetic sequence. In fact, the differences found in deer were similar to those found in local goiter patients. Suggests that variants of the virus may be present within wild deer. It is not yet known how the deer became infected, or how the virus works in the animal’s body.

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Based on these results, the researchers estimate that the prevalence of the disease is between 13.5 and 70 percent. Professor Bowman said two things could happen because deer have the virus. The first thing is that due to the mutation of the goit into deer, a new variant can reach other organisms, including humans. Second, we may not have the immunity to avoid deer attacking variants. At the same time, a new variant due to deer will increase the nuisance of humans because humans are already worried about new species coming. (Agency input)

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