May 20, 2022

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EU parliamentary group says not only Taiwan but Europe stands with them – International News in Hindi

The United States has spoken of all possible cooperation with Taiwan amid tensions between China and Taiwan. Now Europe has also spoken out to help Taiwan. Official European delegates have stated that Taiwan is not a diplomatically isolated and isolated island. The delegation called on the European Union and Taiwan to take bold action to strengthen ties.

We tell you that Taiwan has no formal relations with any European country other than the Vatican. But Taiwan wants to build stronger ties with European countries. Taiwan’s senior officials have repeatedly said.

The visit of the European delegation to Taiwan comes at a time when Taiwan continues to face increasing pressure from Beijing. In October, China sent about 200 warplanes into Taiwan airspace. China continued to claim Taiwan and did not reject forced military action to annex Taiwan.

Rafael Kluxman, a French member of the European Parliament, told Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen that he had come here with a very clear message. Taiwan is not alone. Europe stands with you. Gluxman added that our trip should be considered an important first step. To build a strong relationship between Taiwan and Europe, we need a number of high-level meetings, concrete steps and a solid agenda.

Taiwanese President Tsai has said he expects to form a Democratic Alliance against the campaign. We hope that Taiwan and Europe will continue to strengthen cooperation in all fields.

Beijing is excited by the visit of Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Woo to Europe in October. China had told European countries that relations with China would be affected after the visit.

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