February 7, 2023

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Europe Corona virus locking update; Netherlands Govt Cases | New Govt cases within 24 hours in Netherlands | 2 million cases were reported last week, with partial locking for the first 3 weeks in the Netherlands today

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  • Europe Corona virus locking update; Netherlands Govt Cases | New Govt cases within 24 hours in the Netherlands

Washington5 minutes ago

Due to the increasing number of cases in the third wave of the corona, many countries have to be tough again. The corona is growing rapidly, especially in Europe. In the last 24 hours, 3 lakh 3 thousand 662 cases have been reported across Europe and 20 lakh cases have been reported in the last week. Seeing the situation worsening, the Netherlands decided to impose a partial lockout for the first three weeks on Saturday evening. Meanwhile, restaurants and non-essential goods stores will close soon. At the same time, spectators will be barred from entering major sporting events. In the Netherlands, 16,204 people have been diagnosed with corona in the last 24 hours.

Corona is also affecting Germany. Seven new cases have been registered this month. On Thursday, 50,196 cases were detected. This is the first time this number has exceeded 50,000. In Germany, 48,184 people have been affected in the last 24 hours.

In the last 24 hours, only these 5 countries have experienced the highest incidence of corona.

Country New cases
United States 90,208
Germany 48,184
Britain 40,375
Russia 40,123
Ukraine 24,058

Britain did not expect the epidemic to end until next year
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on the elderly and those with weakened immune systems to take the booster dose of the corona vaccine. He warned that due to the increasing epidemic in many parts of Europe, there is a risk cloud, so it is necessary to be vigilant. The British government did not expect the epidemic to end next year. According to the UK newspaper, the worst case scenario could require locking up until 2026.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrived at the vaccination center in London on Friday. He also pasted stickers on those who were vaccinated.

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At the same time, the recent conference of the World Health Organization (WHO) reported two million corona cases in Europe in the past week. This is the highest number of cases reported in a week during the Corona period. At the same time, 27 thousand people have died from the epidemic. This is 50% of the deaths worldwide in the past week.

Cases are on the rise in Western Europe despite the high number of vaccines
Corona cases are on the rise in vaccinated countries of Eastern Europe. On the other hand, the number of cases is increasing in Western European countries where the maximum number of vaccinations is available. Under such circumstances, Europe is once again becoming the major hub of the Corona.

WHO instruction – If those in need are not vaccinated, it is a slander
The WHO says healthy people and children should not be given a corona booster dose. Today, he says, in many countries around the world, many health workers, senior citizens and those at high risk have not even received the first dose of the vaccine. Unnecessary in such a situation is a slander if the booster dose is put.

The German Ministry of Health has warned that December could be even worse if immediate action is not taken to prevent the spread of corona infection. The German company Robert Koch has also advised people to avoid crowds.

There is also the possibility of being locked up in Austria
In Austria, too, the number of daily corona cases has reached record levels. In such a situation, the government is considering keeping those who have not been vaccinated at home. So, let’s make a decision about imposing a lockdown on Sunday. We can tell you that only 65% ​​of the population in Austria is fully vaccinated.

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2 main reasons for the increase in corona in Europe
According to the WHO’s technical team on Corona, the reason for the increase in epidemics in Europe is that people do not wear masks and do not follow social exclusion. We urge all countries to seriously assess their current situation and make decisions accordingly.

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