March 25, 2023

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European countries return to tight locks like restrictions amid fears of Omigron and new Govt cases Indian situation – India Hindi News

Of the corona Omigron This variation has brought back the era of restrictions with the threat to the world. With the rapid pace of vaccination, the destruction of the corona was expected to decrease, but daily cases registered in countries such as the United States, France, and Britain are forced to withdraw strict controls again. France has banned fireworks during New Year’s celebrations, while the Netherlands has announced a Christmas lockout. Britain is also considering re-locking in the midst of daily lawsuits, and Ireland has banned pub-bars. New cases of corona in India are not yet on the rise, but cases of omigran are certainly on the rise. The highest number of Omigran cases has been reported in Maharashtra. Under such circumstances, the concern is whether Omigran will create a third corona wave in India.

Hospitals in the UK are overcrowded, and then there may be locks
Government of England Corona virus The new variant of Omicron plans a two-week lockout after Christmas to prevent the virus from spreading. This was stated in a statement issued to the media on Saturday. According to The Times, draft rules are being developed that ban indoor meetings other than working hours, and plan to limit pubs and restaurants to outdoor service. Scientists have warned ministers that drastic measures taken by the British Government’s Scientific Advisory Committee on Emergency Situations should take drastic action as soon as possible to reduce the National Health Service’s hospitalization to an manageable level. A copy of these details is available to the BBC. When 93,045 Govt-19 infections were reported in the UK on Friday, locking restrictions were re-announced. Cases of Omicron infection have increased rapidly in London and Scotland. The number of Govt-19 victims in London hospitals rose 28.6 per cent to 1,534 in the previous week.

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European countries increased restrictions
Countries in Europe are imposing stricter restrictions on the new wave of COVID-19 caused by the highly contagious Omigran. Amid the sharp rise in these epidemics, French and Austrian ministers have tightened travel restrictions. France has canceled crackers for the New Year. Denmark is closed to theaters, concert halls, amusement parks and museums. Ireland imposes curfew on pubs and bars after 8pm and restricts entry to indoor and outdoor events. Dutch government ministers are meeting to discuss the advice of an expert panel that recommended tightening the area lockout that is already underway.

Germany bans travelers from Britain
Amid the spread of Omigron, Germany has placed the UK in the high-risk category and imposed a temporary ban on all travelers from there from Monday. Travel to Britain and Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands to Germany have been banned, Robert Koch said on Saturday. The travel ban will take effect on the morning of December 20. According to the Institute, the temporary restrictions will remain in effect until at least January 3, 2022. Passengers allowed to enter Germany in violation of the ban must undergo PCR testing and be subjected to compulsory isolation.

Maximum number of cases ever recorded in New York
In the state of New York in the United States, more than 21,000 cases of corona virus infection are reported in a single day, which is the highest number of daily cases in the country so far. Half the infections have been reported in New York City, where queues are stretching outside testing centers, and many Christmas organizers are canceling events because their members have been affected. Dr. Dennis Nash, Managing Director of Practical Science for Population Health at New York City University, said the sharp increase in infections should be a matter of great concern, but not because of the rapid spread of the Omigron variant. , The highest daily cases in the state were reported on January 14, 2021, when about 20,000 people were affected.

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There are currently fewer cases in India, but awareness is needed
On Saturday, 30 new cases of omigran variation were reported in the country. Earlier on Friday, 26 new cases were reported. Over the past three days, the pace of Omigran infection in the country has been on the rise. In this way, 143 Omicron cases have been registered in the country so far. Omicron infection has been detected in 12 states of the country. According to experts, this is causing concern in the country. However, experts talked about adhering to preventative measures from the corona. On Saturday, 30 new Omicron cases were reported in the country. There are 12 new cases in Telangana, 8 in Maharashtra, 6 in Karnataka and 4 in Kerala. For the third day in a row the country has seen the highest single day increase in Omigron cases.