June 9, 2023

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Facebook now blames Pakistani hackers for aiding Taliban – International News in Hindi

On Afghanistan Taliban During the Pakistani occupation, Pakistan continued to provide assistance to the terrorist organization. Currently the social networking site Facebook has also exposed this fact. An official with Reuters told reporters that Pakistani hackers had used Facebook to target people in Afghanistan when the Taliban captured Kabul. From this it is clear that the purpose of the Pakistani hackers is to suppress the voices against the Taliban.

Facebook said a group called SideCopy in the security sector shared links to websites that provide malware. It can inspect people‚Äôs equipment. The hackers’ targets include those involved in government, military and law enforcement in Kabul. Facebook said it removed the sitecopy from its site in August.

The social media company, which recently changed its name to Meta, said a group of hackers were creating accounts in the name of women. Fascinated by love. Imaginary spoke to the user. It also compromised legitimate websites so that people could handle Facebook credentials.

“It’s always hard for us to guess the intentions of the hackers. We do not know who compromised or what the final outcome will be,” said Mike Devilinsky, head of Facebook’s cyber intelligence investigation.

Facebook, Twitter Major online sites and email providers, including Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Microsoft Corp.’s LinkedIn, have claimed that they took steps to close the accounts of Afghan users when the Taliban quickly seized control of Afghanistan.

Facebook investigators said last month that Facebook had frozen the accounts of two hacking groups linked to Syrian air force intelligence.

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Facebook says a group known as the Syrian Electronic Army has targeted human rights activists, journalists and others. Opposed the ruling regime. Others targeted members of the Free Syrian Army and ex-servicemen who had joined opposition forces.