October 4, 2022

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Finnish Prime Minister Sana Marin’s dance video leaked, dancing with friends at a party, watch the video here

Helsinki: A video of Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin dancing is going viral. In this video, she can be seen dancing hard at a party with her celebrity friends. This video was recorded from a phone. Sana Marin is one of the world leaders embroiled in controversies over her party romance. A few months ago, Sana Marin had to publicly apologize for her late-night clubbing after coming in contact with a coronavirus-infected person.

Going by the video, it appears that the party took place in a private apartment. It’s unclear when the video was filmed or what Marin and his friends were celebrating. The video features Finnish singer Alma and her sister Anna, rapper Petri Nygaard, TV presenter Dinny Wikström, photographer and influencer Janita Auto, radio host Karolina Tuominen and MPs from the Social Democratic Party of Marin.

Those involved in the Prime Minister’s dance can be heard singing ‘f*** it feels so good’. Some of them even shout the word ‘javhosenki’ which means flour in Finnish. The term is commonly applied to cocaine. But Sana Marin has denied that she used drugs. He said I had nothing to hide and that I did not drink much alcohol. Taunting the person who leaked the video, he said that he hoped the videos would not be released as they were private and released at a private event.

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