November 30, 2022

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France mosque news: France closes mosque in Beauvois north of Paris after imam’s unacceptable sermon on jihad


  • France closes mosque in protest of Islamic extremism
  • France said the imam of the mosque’s arguments were serious
  • The Imam defended jihad by inciting hatred in his speech

Faced with Islamic extremism, France has locked up a mosque in the north of the country. France said the imam of the mosque’s arguments were serious. The Imam defended jihad by inciting hatred in his speech. The mosque is located in Beauvois, 100 km from the capital Paris. Now the mosque will be closed for the next 6 months.

Authorities said the imam had incited hatred and violence in his speeches and defended jihad. The move comes two days after Interior Minister Gerald Durman said he had begun work to close the mosque. He said that this Imam in his speeches targeted Christians, homosexuals and Jews.
France’s major crackdown on Islamic fundamentalism has led to the closure of 30 mosques in the country
The Imam recently converted to Islam

The French interior minister said this was unacceptable. Local authorities had to investigate within 10 days, but now it has been revealed that it will be closed in two days. The local newspaper Courier Picard reported that the imam of the mosque had recently converted to Islam. On the other hand, the mosque’s maintenance association said it had appealed to the court against the decision.

Attorney Samim Polaki said an inquiry into the ban would be held in the next 48 hours. The association said the imam sometimes gave speeches at the mosque and was suspended. At the same time, officials say, it is customary for the imam to visit the mosque frequently. Imam said that jihad is a duty and those who fight for it are heroes. He called non-Muslims enemies. The official document states that the terrorist threat in the country is significant.

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