June 2, 2023

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Gabriel Borick the dog: Interviews and live chat during Chile’s new president’s dog debate! – Chilean President Gabriel Borick the dog Brownie Instagram has gone viral on social media

Highlights of the story

  • Gabriel Boric was appointed President of Chile
  • Gabriel Borik’s dog became a social media star

Gabriel Borick Dog Brownie: Gabriel Borick, 35, became President of Chile on December 19. His coming to power was the subject of debate around the world. Because in 35 years he became the youngest president of Chile.

With this, he raised the left-wing flag in his country. He defeated 55-year-old Jose Antonio, a right-wing leader. Gabriel received 56 percent of the vote. Gabriel has now become the new face of the left in his country.

These are special things about Gabriel Borick, but now he’s in the debate for another reason. According to a report in the Daily Mail, Gabrielle has created an Instagram account (Brownie Instagram) for his dog Brownie.

In a few days, his dog Brownie has now become a star on social media. The Chilean president’s dog chatted with the Argentine president’s dog. Whose post is going viral on social websites. He spoke to Dylan, the Argentine president’s dog, on FaceTime. After this, Dylan wrote in his post, ‘Let’s talk within ourselves and improve this world.

Dylan also congratulated Brownie. Gabriel created his dog account on the day he won the election. Within days of the account being created, Brownie had more than 3 million followers. There are more followers of the Argentine president than followers of his dog. At the same time, in one photo, he can be seen giving an interview on a morning show in Chile.

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If we talk again with Chile’s President Bor, he first reached out to Congress in 2014. He later demonstrated for higher education. His victory has once again given a new dimension to the left in the country.