March 27, 2023

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Google map secretly captures a crying boy sitting on a fossil mountain in Sangri, Canada

Google has become an integral part of human life today. Whether you want to learn something or go somewhere, Google will help you with everything. Easily navigate to unknown places with Google Maps. You can store your photos in Google Drive and Google offers you many features. You can also take pictures of unknown places with Google Maps. It will display live photos in any corner. Photo taken with the help of this feature is going viral on social websites.

A Google Maps user suddenly saw a boy crying on top of a fossil mountain in Canada. The man was surprised. He was checking this place in Canada on a map. He did not even dream that he would see a boy crying on the mountain. This photo was taken 6 years ago by a person named Barbara. But now he shared it on Reddit, and from there it went viral.

Giving further details about the film, Barbara said that she drew it in June 2016. A man was crying near the boy on the mountain. The film confused many. One, the crying boy sitting on the top of the hill confused everyone. The man standing on the side from above added to the confusion. Many people are commenting on what is happening here.

Fossil Mountain is located in Canada

You can tell that the Fossil Mountain is located in the Canadian province of Alberta. It was named in 1906. There is an interesting reason behind this. In fact, many fossils have been found in this area. That is why it is called the Fossil Mountain. But the question of why this boy cried there has made people anxious.

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