March 25, 2023

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Govt 19 Omigron Variation Fear 100 Returned Abroad Mumbai Could Not Be Found Near Delhi Rajasthan Karnataka Gujarat Other States where Omigron cases have been reported – India Hindi News

New varieties of Govit-19 Omigron The fear is still unresolved. Currently there are fears of a third corona wave coming. Meanwhile, the disappearance of about 100 foreign travelers to Maharashtra in the last few days is a matter of great concern. Nothing is known about these passengers. Commenting on this, Vijay Suryavanshi, Chairman, Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation, said: “Of the 295 foreign travelers who came to Thane district from abroad, 109 could not be traced. Some of the passengers’ cell phones have been switched off, he said. Apart from this the address given by many passengers is also hanging on that address.

Vijay Suryavanshi said those coming from dangerous countries must be under house isolation for 7 days. He is being tested for Covit-19 on the 8th day. Even if this report comes back negative, they should be in home isolation for 7 days. It is the responsibility of the members of the Housing Association to ensure that these rules regarding corona are not violated.

4,480 passengers returned to Mumbai from abroad

With the proliferation of Omigron varieties in the country, the risk has increased. On Monday, the number of Omigran victims in India rose to 23. After 2 victims in Mumbai, Maharashtra, the number has touched a dozen. The BMC has announced that the Covid-19 test will be conducted on international travelers from November 1. Of these, 16 were found to be positive. Of these, 12 were men and 4 were women. As of December 5, 4,480 passengers had returned to Mumbai from endangered countries. Before Mumbai, six people in Pimpri-Chinchwad in Pune district were affected by the Omigron variant. Three of them are Nigerian citizens.

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Omigran victims have been diagnosed in these states

Apart from Maharashtra, Omigron cases have been detected in three more states. Of these, 9 were in Rajasthan, 2 in Karnataka and 2 in Gujarat. Apart from this, an infection has also been detected in Delhi. The Omigron variant was first discovered in South Africa. Scientists believe that this variant is capable of spreading faster than all the species ever discovered.

What the scientists said in the third wave

The third wave of corona virus infection from the new form of SARS-CoV-2, Omicron, is likely to reach its peak in February, when between one lakh and one and a half lakh cases are reported daily in the country. This was stated by Manindra Agarwal, a scientist at the Indian Institute of Technology, who is involved in the mathematical evaluation of Kovit-19. In the new assessment, Omicron Form was added as a factor, he said.

Agarwal told PTI, “With the new system, a third wave could hit the country by February, but our current estimate is that it will be lighter than the second wave.

However, he said the cases reported in South Africa were being closely monitored and many cases of this new form were being reported. Currently, Agarwal said the hospital admission rate has not increased due to the infection in South Africa. He said the new data on virus and hospital admission rates would give a clearer picture of the situation.

Agarwal said, “The new form seems to be more contagious, but its severity is not seen as the delta form.” Curfew order, crowd controls) can reduce the spread of infection and keep the number of cases low.

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The prototype, backed by the Department of Science and Technology, said a third wave of the corona virus could arrive in the country by October, if a highly contagious new form is developed from the delta. However, the redesign did not come until late November. Then revised the estimate.