February 7, 2023

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Health News If the mood is bad, you do the efficient work and the tragedy will go away

The best way to fix a sad mood is to: Just as happiness does not last forever in life, so sadness and sadness do not last forever. It is very difficult for any one person to escape from these two mindsets. But it is up to us how quickly we come out of that tragedy or tragedy. Recent from Ohio State University, USA Study Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus. In it, the researchers suggested that people suffering from depression use a method to improve their mood. Under this, the researchers were asked to use their best skills.

That is, whatever work they are well versed in, that work should be done in mourning. According to the study, such participants were able to recover from grief sooner than participants who were asked to perform a task that was weaker. The results of this study have been published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology. Published Has been done.

What the experts say
Principal Editor of Studies and Researcher in Psychology at Ohio State University WordRabbit de Murphy Accordingly, we found during our study that this method helped people to think that they were acting with their strength. Co-author of this study and chair of the Ohio State Depression Laboratory Daniel Strung According to the results of our study, it does not matter if they are good with the skills they use during depression. They believed they were the best at the ability to make this method effective.

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Read like this
The researchers enrolled 616 graduate students for this study. They were asked to use two types of therapy. A cognition (cognition) and memory (consciousness). Both of these methods are used by doctors to diagnose problems such as depression. The researchers presented participants with an imaginary situation in which they felt hurt because a friend had not been invited to a social event. At the time, he was asked to follow both of the above therapies, as well as to use the best skill or weakness during the tragedy.

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The study revealed
Research has found that people who have worked out their best skills during depression can recover quickly from this state of mind. Although researchers are not yet sure what the reason behind this is, it may be because it gives them initial impetus.

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