June 2, 2023

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hibatullah akundzada: The Taliban’s top leader has issued a decree on women’s rights


  • The Taliban leader has issued a decree on the rights of women in Afghanistan
  • Enhanced rights granted to women in the Islamic United States
  • Women’s consent to marriage was essential, and widows were given rights

Maulana, the supreme leader of the Taliban haibatullah akhundzada The decree on women’s rights in Afghanistan was released on Friday. This order provides information on the rights of women in the Islamic United States. Jabiullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Islamic Emirate, said the Taliban government was going to enforce Islamic law based on the order. The Taliban are already a global target for women’s rights.

The Taliban leader’s order has been sent to all provinces
Hypatullah Akundzada mentioned the six rights of women in his decree. The order of Taliban leader Haibatullah Akundza has been sent to the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs, the Ministry of Information and Culture, the Supreme Court and provincial governors and district governors. It has been ordered to implement the guidelines in this ordinance and take them to the people.

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Women’s consent is required for marriage
It states that the consent of adult women is required during nikah or marriage. Women cannot be forced or forced into marriage. There should be no danger in nikah and marriage.

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The woman is not an asset and cannot be transacted
The top leader of the Taliban said that a woman is not an asset, but a better and more independent man. No one can give it to anyone for a peaceful solution or to end the enmity. No one can forcibly marry a widow after the death of her husband or the completion of ‘Sharai Adat’ (four months and ten nights or pregnancy). This includes his relatives.

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The widow has the right to choose her future
Akuntzada said a widow has the right to marry or to choose her future. There should be no sense of pressure and no equality in marriage. A widow has the Shariah right to receive ‘mahr’ from her new husband. Maher is an amount fixed by the wife and husband during the marriage, which is paid to the wife by the husband.

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The widow’s right to the property of the father and husband
In the Taliban Islamic Emirate, a widow has inherited rights and a fixed share in the property of her husband, children, father and relatives. No one can usurp the rights of a widow. Polygamous men (more than one wife) will be required by Sharia law to grant rights to all women and to establish justice among them.

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The Taliban leader said the rights of women in Afghanistan