June 9, 2023

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How did the world’s richest dog, who sells his mansion, become the lord of 430 crore assets? – Miami mansion owned by the world’s richest dog German Shepherd thug VI tstz

Highlights of the story

  • The richest dog in the world will sell his mansion
  • This luxurious Miami villa is worth $ 31 million
  • The Gunder-III property is valued at $ 58 million

One of the world’s millionaire dogs is going to sell his Rs 230 crore Miami mansion, which was once owned by the famous Hollywood singer Madonna. This millionaire dog’s name is Gunder-VI and it belongs to the German Shepherd breed.

We can tell you that this dog house for sale in Miami, Florida, USA also has a nine-bedroom waterfront house. According to reports, Gunther-VI, the ancestor of Gunther-III, first acquired assets worth Rs 430 crore from his late mistress Countess Carlotta Liebenstein. Gunther-III acquired the property in 1992 when his mistress Countess Carlotta died.

Since then, the property has been in the name of Gunther-VI, but after Gunther-III. The committee is set up to take full care of them. Gunther-VI lives his life like a nobleman. Many employees have been hired to serve him.

Photo by Mrs. (AB)

Above the fireplace in the living room of a Miami villa overlooking Biscayne Bay is a gilded painting by Gunder-IV.

This villa is located in the luxury area of ​​Miami. There is a wonderful view from this villa. There are also trees all around. Apart from this, the view of the whole city is also visible from here. It has 9 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. Also outside is an amazing swimming pool.

Photo by Mrs. (AB)

Let me tell you, the Italian press also reported in 1995 that there was no woman named Countess Carlotta Leibniz. Whereas an old man of the mansion said there was no such thing. A woman named Carlota Liebenstein has given her property to her dog. Well, whatever it is, this dog is spending a lot of his life in ashes in Miami this time around.