December 7, 2022

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How Pakistan plays a big game and throws Russia to America

IslamabadPakistan Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa is in the US. He has gone to America on the special invitation of America. Recently, Pakistan, which has been struggling with debt and tight financial situation, received an amount of around $450 million in the name of upgrading the F-16 fighter jet. Pakistan is now emerging as a supplier of new weapons. In conflict zones of the world, arms are supplied through Pakistan. Ukraine and Armenia, both of these countries are at war and are being supplied with weapons. It is said that the supply from the Pakistani side is getting done easily.

became the site of England
Currently, Pakistan is doing a lot of assistance in arms smuggling to England. Arms flow daily from England to Ukraine via Pakistan. If several flight tracking websites are to be believed, a C-17 Globemaster heavy lift aircraft of England’s Royal Force is flying from Romania to Pakistan Air Force’s Noor Khan Air Base. The air base is located at Sakala in Rawalpindi. This process will take place from August 6, 2022. Five days later, on 11 August, General Bajwa reached England. Since then, the battles have closed and British aircraft have only been seen on a few occasions.
Rajnath-like Bajwa welcome, F-16 deal… Trickster USA playing India vs Pakistan game again!
Ukraine was supplied with ammunition
According to media reports, on August 16, the planes were spotted at the Royal Air Force’s Akrotiri base on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Information about these flights came through open source intelligence on social media. There is no clear information yet on what kind of weapons or ammunition arrived in Romania from Pakistan. But there are fears that 155 mm artillery ammunition was sent to Ukraine. These ammunitions are manufactured in Pakistan Ordnance Factory.

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General Bajwa reached England
After General Bajwa’s visit to England, Pakistan was said to be engaged in carrying out this supply under an all-out campaign. General Bajwa also received a special honor at the Military Academy in Sandhurst on 15 August. He became the first Pakistani commander to address the parade. He also attended the parade as the Queen’s representative. This mutual cooperation between England and Pakistan points to the changing politics of South Asia. What is America cooking with Pakistan, why Washington invited General Bajwa
What is China doing?
While balancing its relationship with China, Pakistan is trying to strengthen its relationship with the West. Pakistan was a major helper in supplying weapons to Ukraine during the war. Let’s not forget China, who is currently siding with Russia in all of this. But when it comes to trade, China plays a very slow trick. China has pushed both Armenia and its rival, Azerbaijan, to enter the South Caucasus. But when it comes to Turkey and Pakistan, China is acting in a more balanced manner.

As China finds it difficult to support Russia in Ukraine, it is building bridges in Armenia. Interestingly, this was happening at a time when India was starting to play a bigger role by arming Armenia. Under such circumstances, it is no mere coincidence that China is leveraging its Armenia connection.