June 8, 2023

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How to deal with today’s pressures? Won the title by giving the most accurate answer to this question | How do women cope with stress? He won the title by giving the most accurate answer to this question

New DelhiA day ago

India’s Harnas Alley has won the Miss Universe 2021 title. More than 75 beautiful and talented women participated in the opening round of the competition held in Israel. Harnas Alley has put its name on the ‘Cosmic Beauty’ crown, beating the beauties of South Africa and Paraguay into the top 3 places. What is special is that before Harnas, only two Indian women became Miss Universe. India won the title 21 years ago. Actress Sushmita Sen won the title in 1994 and Laura Dutta in 2000.

The positive response was to win the final round
What advice would you give to young women coping with stress today?
Harnas responded, ‘The biggest pressure young people face today is to trust themselves. Knowing that you are unique makes you beautiful. Stop comparing yourself to others and talk about important things that are happening around the world. Go out and talk to yourself, because you are the leader of your life. You are your own voice. That’s why I stand here today because I believed in myself.

Said after the victory – Chuck De Patte India
Harnas is very happy in a video after winning the Miss Universe 2021 crown. Laughing, Harnas saw ‘Chuck De Patte India … Chuck De Patte’.

This question was asked in the semifinals
After reaching the semifinals, host Steve Harv asked Lane about his favorite animal. He said that he likes cats very much.

History like this

In a three-hour live contest, India’s Harnas Lane went through several rounds before winning the Miss Universe title. She showed confidence and grace in the national dress, evening gown, interview and swimsuit rounds. He was accompanied by beauties from Paraguay, Puerto Rico, USA, South Africa, Bahamas, Philippines, France, Colombia and Aruba. Harnas made history by performing well in all rounds.

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‘Never compromise your hobby’
Before coming to the semifinals, Harnas had said, ‘Never compromise on your hobby because it will become your dream life’. The beauty pageant was attended by beauties from France, Colombia, Singapore, Great Britain, USA, India, Vietnam, Panama, Aruba, Paraguay, Philippines, Venezuela and South Africa.

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