March 28, 2023

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Humorously, 28 years later, a father’s secret is revealed to his daughter.

Highlights of the story

  • Mike and Jeanine sought IVF for their baby
  • Jessica’s family was planning to move to Italy.

When people hear the name DNA test, they start asking various questions. Many things can be detected by DNA testing. From this one can know the relatives and blood relations. In addition, it can detect any type of biological disease. Many are interested in DNA testing. In such a scenario, there are a lot of websites nowadays that test people’s DNA. Apart from this, there are many different types of DNA testing tools on the market so you can do your testing at home.

Recently, an American family did their DNA testing with a home test kit and the results blew everyone’s mind. DNA testing revealed that his daughter had no biological connection to the father. This case is Christmas 2020. Jessica Harvey, who lives in Ohio, and her husband asked their parents to bring them a DNA test kit. Jessica’s family was planning to move to Italy. Jessica’s father, Mike Harvey, is from Italy.

At the Today Parents press conference, Jessica said that before leaving for Italy, we wanted to do a DNA test so we could get in touch with the relatives we meet there and find out more about them. For this our parents gifted us a DNA test kit as a Christmas present. The result has changed everything, and now our lives are not what they used to be. DNA testing revealed that Jessica was not the daughter of her father Mike.

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The first time she thought it was wrong, but on re-examination she learned that she was the daughter of her mother Jeanine, but Mike was not her father. Mike and Jeanine are seeking IVF treatment for their baby, so they say the doctor used an unknown sperm instead of Mike. Jessica’s parents are currently suing the IUF center at Akron City Hospital, now known as Summa Health System.

Jenin told a news conference that the two of us wanted a child who was genetically related. He attributes this to Dr. Nicholas Spiridos. Jeanine accused Dr. Nicholas Spiridos of using the sperm of an unknown person instead of my husband without our permission.

Jeanine said she became a mother through IVF and that Jessica was born in 1992. There were very few women in the Harvey family, so we were very happy to have Jessica. Jessica said she was completely broken at the end of the DNA test. For all these years she had been thinking that she, like her father, was from Italy.

Jeanine said that now we can not share Italian jokes or have any party between us. This is so painful for Jessica. Harvey’s family lawyer, Adam Wolf, said the family blamed the hospital and the doctor for various kinds of negligence. Zuma Health System Director Mike Bernstein has released a statement on this. He said that we take the allegations made by the family very seriously and we are aware of what is happening to that family. But we have not yet met the family and have not done their DNA testing.

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