June 2, 2023

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ICJ on Ukraine vs Russia: International Court of Justice orders Russia to stop attacks immediately: Zelensky says Ukraine wins ICJ

Kiev: The International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Wednesday ruled that Russia should immediately suspend its offensive in Ukraine. In its order, the ICJ stated that Russia and Ukraine should not escalate the conflict into war. The judge who heard the case said the International Court of Justice was deeply concerned about Russia’s use of force in Ukraine. It remains to be seen whether Russia will comply with the International Court of Justice’s order.

The ICJ said on Wednesday that it was deeply concerned about Russia’s use of force in Ukraine, which has raised serious issues of international law. Judge John Donoku, who read the court’s ruling, said the court was fully aware of the human tragedy in Ukraine. The court ordered Russia and Ukraine not to pursue the current dispute. The court ruled that Russia should not interfere. Whatever decision the court makes, it will be binding on everyone.

Zhelensky said – we won
Following the ruling of the International Court of Justice, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky said in the ICJ that Ukraine had won its case against Russia. The ICJ has ordered an immediate end to the attack. This order is subject to international law. Russia must comply immediately. Violation of the court order will further isolate Russia.
Zhelensky US Congress: Zhelensky reminds US Congress of 9/11 and Pearl Harbor attacks, shows video of Ukraine’s disaster
What happens if Russia does not accept the decision?
If a country refuses to comply with an International Court of Justice order, ICJ judges can ask Russia to take action with the UN Security Council, which has veto power. Ukraine has urged International Court of Justice judges to order Russia to immediately suspend military action. Earlier on March 7, the International Court of Justice held a hearing on the war between Russia and Ukraine. Russia ignored the investigation.

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