October 2, 2022

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If Egypt says this about Prophet Muhammad, it will provoke Saudi Arabia.

An archaeologist living in Egypt has made a claim about Prophet Muhammad, known as the last prophet of Islam, that Muslims from many countries, including Saudi Arabia, do not like. Egyptian archaeologist Wasim al-Sisi claims that Prophet Muhammad originally came from Egypt, not Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

In a televised report, ancient Egyptian archaeologist Wasim al-Sisi claimed that Prophet Muhammad was a descendant of Abd al-Manab from Egypt, meaning that the last prophet was clearly related to Egypt.

After the archeologist’s statement, there was an uproar on social media. However, when Al-Monitor News spoke to some other archaeologists about this claim, they said it was completely false and that Prophet Muhammad was from Arabia.

There is no such information in the holy book Quran

According to reports, Egyptian archaeologist Ahmed Amar said the claim was untrue. He also said that there is no information in this regard in the holy book Quran.

Ahmad Amar added that if the Prophet Muhammad had really been a resident of Egypt, he would have returned there just as he had returned to his home in Mecca. Ahmad Amar added that the Prophet was never mentioned as being associated with Egypt.

Prophet Muhammad was from Banu Kinana

Abdul Rahim Rihan, an Egyptian antiquarian and member of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Culture, told Al-Monitor news website that according to Islamic hadith, the lineage of the Prophet Muhammad is undoubtedly linked to Arabia.

Abdal Rahim Rihan refuted Sisi’s claim, saying that the Al-Kinana tribe mentioned in the hadith belonged to the Banu Kinana tribe and that Prophet Muhammad belonged to the same Banu Kinana tribe. Rihan added that even at that time the tribe was located in the Arabian Peninsula.

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The archeologist added that some members of this tribe still live in Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan and Palestine. At the same time, some people associated with the tribe live in a couple of places, including Syria and Yemen. Abdal Rahim Rihan added that the Quraish dynasty was also a part of the Kinana clan apart from the Banu Kinana.

However, Fatiha Al-Hanabi, a professor at Al-Azhar University, suggests that Prophet Muhammad may have been from Egypt. Behind this, Hazrat quoted Ismail’s relationship.

Prof. Fatiha said that Lady Hagar, resident of Egypt, was Hazrat Ibrahim’s wife and Hazrat Ismail’s mother. Hazrat Ibrahim and Lady Hagar came from Egypt with their son Ismail to Makkah, which is now also known as Masjid al-Haram.