June 6, 2023

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Incredibly catching Jonathan Davis against Rice

Incredibly catching Jonathan Davis against Rice

Street. PETERSBURG – FELDER BEER CENTER Jonathan Davis He was removed from a game Wednesday afternoon after hitting his head against the wall of Tropicana Field after a stunning second-half dive catch that stole extra bases for Randy Arrozarina.

Davis was checked by the team’s coach, and an emergency vehicle was brought to the field. But Davis initially chose to stay in the game and played through the last two games of the second half. In the third, he was removed with a feeling of discomfort in his lower back and in the rib cage.

Davis retreated from Arosarina’s lane, then jumped close to the warning lane and hit the ball with the backhand before his head hit the wall. Davis’ cap flew, but the ball stayed in his glove. As Davis writhed in pain, holding his lower back at first, Arosarina raced around the bases in a moment of confusion, thinking he might have Homer in the park. But the call was made.

Several of Davis’ teammates ran to the midfield, looking for his help. After checking him, Davis waved off the carriage and was seen smiling.

Davis hit ninth and came out on his only appearance. When Davis left, right-footed player Tyrone Taylor moved into the middle and Jess Peterson was entered into the right flank.

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