March 25, 2023

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India-Armenia: India-Armenia Relations, Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaisankar visits Armenia Sabahar Port

Armenia and India will join Iran in the coming days. Sapahar Port This announcement is going to enhance India’s presence and trade in Central Asian countries. Arriving in the Armenian capital Yerevan on Wednesday, Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar met with Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Pashinyan and Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan. Meanwhile, he proposed to add the strategic Sabah port in Iran to the north-south transport corridor. The two leaders discussed bilateral relations, trade, Afghanistan and many other issues.

Azerbaijan may feel cold
India’s friendship with Armenia could keep Azerbaijan cool. In September last year, Armenia and Azerbaijan waged a month-long war on Nagorno-Karabakh. In this war, Pakistan and Turkey openly supported Azerbaijan. This is the reason why Azerbaijan openly supports Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. At the same time, Armenia has always supported India on the Kashmir issue. Azerbaijan’s relations with Iran have also deteriorated, while Armenia has always been a friend of Tehran.

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India will enhance friendship through Sapahar
India wants to trade with Central Asian and European countries through Iran’s Sabah port. This is the reason why India continues to develop the port in defiance of US sanctions on Iran. The Taliban governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan want India to reach the Middle East by road. In such a situation, doing business by road and rail via Sapahar is a very easy and effective way.

Jaisankar reached the famous heritage sites of Armenia
Arriving in Armenia, Foreign Minister S. Jaisankar visited some of the country’s most famous heritage sites. Referring to the deep historical ties between Armenia and India, he said that Ajanta is also in Armenia. He tweeted that the Armenia-India relationship is reflected in the Madennataran Library in Yerevan.

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Historical relations of India and Armenia
The first Armenian newspaper and constitution published in Chennai (Chennai). He has also published photographs of 18th century documents. The Madhenathan Library was established in 1959 and is one of the largest repositories of ancient manuscripts in the world.

Jaisankar was the first Indian Foreign Minister to visit Armenia
Jaishankar was the first Indian Foreign Minister to visit Armenia. He then went to the National Gallery of Armenia. Jaisankar tweeted that Ajanta is in Armenia. Cave paintings by the famous Armenian artist Sarkis Kachturian in the National Gallery of Armenia in Yerevan. Also a copy of the Mahabharata in Sanskrit in the Madinataran Library.

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Report issued jointly by the two countries
Jaishankar arrived in Armenia on Tuesday as the final leg of a three-nation tour of Central Asia. His visit is aimed at furthering bilateral relations and discussing key regional issues, including Afghanistan’s progress. Earlier, in a joint statement with Armenian Representative Ararat Mirzoyan, Jaishankar said that relations between the two countries were indeed centuries old and that India had a rich Armenian heritage with Armenian immigrants and the presence of churches and educational institutions.