June 2, 2023

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India-Pakistan talk: Pakistan NSA calls for conference on Afghanistan


  • Pakistan invites NSA to conference on Afghanistan
  • The last senior Pakistani official to visit India was in 2016
  • It is not yet clear whether Pakistan NSA Moid Yousuf will come
  • India has advised to work with Islamabad

New Delhi
The thick ice that has been frozen in relations between India and Pakistan seems to be melting a little. Signs of the past few days suggest that the doors of negotiations may reopen. Not bilaterally, but the National Security Advisers (NSA) of India and Pakistan will soon be seen on a platform. India has invited an international conference on Afghanistan in which Pakistan has also been invited.

Change the equation with the entry of the Taliban!
Earlier this month, India sent three senior officials to Pakistan for SEO counter-terrorism training. In February 2021, a new agreement was reached in the 2003 Ceasefire Agreement due to backdoor negotiations between the two countries. The regional balance has changed since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan. In such a scenario, if India has been giving signal signals to Pakistan, there was some warmth on the part of Pakistan as well. On Saturday, Pakistan’s foreign ministry spokesman Azim Iftikhar said, “In principle, his country wants to continue the ceasefire along the Line of Control.”

Baghdad to be held next month on Afghanistan issue. India calls NSA

Will Pakistan NSA come to India?
NSA Ajit Doval is chairing the conference in Delhi. Apart from Pakistan, Russia, China, Iran, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have also been invited to the conference. It will be interesting to see what role Pakistan plays in the conference. It is also a question of whether Pakistani NSA Moeed Yousuf will come to India and attend the conference.

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Through negotiations, India has repeatedly stated that Pakistan must first suppress terrorist groups operating from its soil. However, there are sufficient indications that India will not hesitate to work together if India is serious about taking action on cross-border terrorism.

Lt. Gen. Nadeem, the new head of ISI, has blood on his hands.

Why is there hope?
If Yusuf comes to India, everyone’s eyes will be on his journey. The last time this level official from Pakistan came to India was in 2016. Sartaj Aziz, foreign adviser to then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, was in Amritsar for the ‘Hearts of Asia’ conference. Yusuf was one of the NSAs invited by India to the proposed conference in May this year. The conference was not held in Delhi due to the second wave of Govt-19.

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If power had changed in Kabul, would not the mind?
According to the Interior Ministry, between 2010 and February 2021, more than 14,000 shootings and ceasefire violations were under border control. When India and Pakistan reached an agreement again in February, many experts saw it as the first step in negotiations. Whether it was the reshuffle of the High Commissioners or the organization of the SAAC Conference in Pakistan, it was hoped to improve relations between the two countries, even if trade relations were restored. However, the change of power in Kabul was in Pakistan’s mind and India is skeptical of the new regime’s approach. The threat of cross-border terrorism has increased.

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Back door conversation
India-Pakistan talks are taking place behind the scenes. The results of the backdoor talks between the military and intelligence officials of the two countries appeared in February 2021. India and Pakistan agreed to a 2003 ceasefire agreement. Since then, there has been a significant reduction in ceasefire violations along the border. However, infiltration and terrorist activities increased in September-October. In early October 2021, India sent a three-member team to Islamabad to participate in the SCO counter-terrorism exercise.

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If you want to talk, what is Pakistan doing in Kashmir?
On the one hand, there is a slight softening of Pakistan’s approach, on the other hand its actions are questionable. Especially what has been going on in the Kashmir Valley for the past few days, Pakistan cannot deny the conspiracy. In the past one week, 9 soldiers have been sacrificed in counter-terrorism operations in the border control area within the valley. The militants have also targeted minorities and non-Kashmiris in the valley.

Channel talks between India and Pakistan have been going on for years.