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Iran-Argentina and the BRICS: Why is Russia interested in including Argentina and Iran in the BRICS system? The concerns of the United States and the West increased

Author: Ramesh MisraRelease Date: Wednesday, June 29, 2022 09:08 PM (IST)Updated: Wednesday, June 29, 2022 09:25 PM (IST)

New Delhi, Jan. The two countries are preparing for the Internet in the BRICS system. Russia and China are key countries in the BRICS system. India is also a member of the BRICS. What does it mean for Iran and Argentina to join the BRICS during the Ukraine war? What will be its impact on Western countries and the United States. Why this decision of Iran and Argentina has increased the concern of Western countries and the United States. What is the opinion of experts on all these questions? Other than that, you know what BRICS is.

1- Professor Abhishek Pratap Singh, a foreign affairs expert, said Russia and China wanted the BRICS expansion to coincide with the G-7 dominance in the United States and the West. Iran is a member of the BRICS organization against the United States. He said two more countries were joining the family of BRICS countries involved in the growing economy of the world. That makes great sense. If the two countries join the BRICS, it will be a diplomatic victory for China and Russia. Relations between China and Iran are good, but it ranks thirty-six with the United States. In such a scenario, Iran’s accession to the BRICS would be politically and strategically in China’s favor. It is noteworthy that Iran and Argentina have applied for BRICS membership. Once the two countries become members, the BRICS family will include seven countries. Russia and China certainly want Iran and Argentina to be part of the BRICS.

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2- He said Russia has long emphasized close ties with Asia, South America and the Middle East. Russia has stepped up efforts to counter recent sanctions imposed by Western Europe, the United States and other countries over its occupation of Ukraine. If this happens, it will be a diplomatic victory for Russia. Especially during the Ukraine war when it faced US sanctions. According to Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, Argentina has also applied to join the group. Argentine President Alberto Fernandez is currently in Europe. He recently reiterated Argentina’s desire to join the BRICS.

The 14th conference was held in virtual mode

The 14th BRICS Summit was held in virtual mode. The conference was to be held in China, but due to Indian opposition, the online option was chosen instead of Beijing. The decision was taken following a two-year standoff between India and China on the eastern Ladakh border. However, China sought to start bilateral talks between the two countries and reach an agreement to set up BRICS in China. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi arrived in India on March 24 this year. China is trying to get Prime Minister Modi to come to Beijing for the BRICS summit, but India is not ready for it. In this context, the question arises as to what India has achieved at this BRICS conference. What message did India convey with Quad to be in the BRICS system? Let us know what the experts think about this.

What is BRICS

1- The BRICS is a consortium of the world’s five largest emerging economies. The organization includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. BRICS members are known for their significant influence on regional issues. The BRICS Conference is held annually by its member countries. Each of the five member states holds this conference alternately each year. This time a virtual summit will be organized and hosted by China.

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2- The BRICS system was established in 2006. Previously covering four countries. From this it was renamed BRIC. Initially it included Brazil, Russia, India and China. In 2010 South Africa also joined the organization. Since then the name of this organization has changed. Now it has changed from BRIC to BRICS. The first BRICS summit was held in 2009. Further expansion of the system was also discussed.

3- The BRICS organization is a multidisciplinary forum. It accounts for 41 percent of the world’s population, 24 percent of world GDP and 16 percent of world trade. At the BRICS conference, global issues as well as regional issues are discussed. Its main purpose is to promote mutually beneficial cooperation among member states in various fields so as to accelerate their growth. Climate change, terrorism, world trade, energy, and the economic crisis were discussed.

Edited by: Ramesh Misra