October 4, 2022

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Iran: The governor gave a speech on stage, the person slapped, the reason is surprising! Iran slaps governor on stage in video, his wife gets corona vaccinated by male doctor DSTF.

Story Highlights

  • Attack on the Governor
  • Chaos on stage

In Iran, a man publicly slapped a provincial governor. During a show he climbed on stage and slapped the governor in front of everyone. The man is said to have been angry because his wife was given the corona vaccine by a male doctor. Let’s know the whole thing ..

According to reports, Abidin Korram is the governor of the eastern province of Azerbaijan. The day before, he got up to speak on stage at the opening speech at a ceremony. Then a man hurriedly climbed on the platform and laid his hand on the governor and spoke on the platform. The slain man had been a member of the armed forces in the past. He is currently a local leader.

Why did you slap the governor?

The man is said to have been unhappy because his wife was given the corona vaccine by a male doctor. That is why he attacked the governor. However, as soon as the attack took place, the security forces went into action and caught the attacker and drove him off the stage. During the incident, the show was interrupted for a while.

The whole incident was recorded on camera

The incident of slapping the governor has been recorded on cameras. The sound of Mike being slapped on stage was also heard. The video of the incident is going viral on social media.

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Notably, Governor Abedin Gorram was the provincial commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards. He is said to have been abducted by insurgents before becoming governor. He said this from the stage.