February 4, 2023

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Is Pakistan secretly sending nuclear materials to Britain? Foreign Office Responds – Shehbaz Sharif’s government rejects UK media reports on uranium stockpile originating from Pakistani tlifws.

A package filled with dangerous uranium used to make a nuclear bomb has been seized at London’s Heathrow Airport. British media reported that the seized uranium was sent from Pakistan. After the issue went viral, Pakistan gave its explanation. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry has categorically denied the allegation. The Ministry of External Affairs said that there is no truth in the news about Pakistan.

Pakistan Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said, “We have seen the reports in the media. We strongly believe that these reports are not true. ” The External Affairs Ministry spokesperson added that no official information has been shared with Pakistan from the UK side.

A package of uranium was seized at London Heathrow Airport

On December 29, the package was found to have been caught during scanning at Heathrow Airport. British media said the package originated in Pakistan and was sent by commercial flight from Oman to a UK-based Iranian company.

Media reports suggest that the uranium was not sent directly from Pakistan, but was flown via the Gulf nation of Oman, where it was intercepted before reaching its destination in Britain. However, to whom and by whom the package was sent was not disclosed. Britain’s anti-terrorist police are investigating this.

This dangerous package reached Britain on December 29, 2022

A Scotland Yard spokesman said the package reached Britain on 29 December 2022 and was intercepted during a routine check. Once the uranium was found, security officials there informed the counter-terrorism unit.

The spokesperson said, “They are assuring the public that the uranium seized at the airport is not in large quantities. After investigation by experts, it has become clear that this package poses no threat to anyone. However, our investigation will continue until all is clear.

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After the package was caught, he was put in solitary confinement

A Scotland Yard spokesman said no arrests have yet been made in the case. Several departments are investigating in this regard. The spokesman added that after the border guards intercepted the suspicious package at the airport and locked it in an isolation room, it was discovered that it was filled with uranium.

Hamish de Breton Gordon, the former commander of the British Nuclear Defense Forces, has said that it is highly doubtful that the uranium package seized at the airport was connected to Pakistan and arrived in Britain by commercial flight. The good news is that the system worked well and the package was intercepted, the former commander added.

Uranium can release high levels of toxic radiation, the former commander said. Along with this, it is also useful in making dangerous explosives.

Is nuclear power in Pakistan a matter of concern?
The news that the uranium package seized at the UK airport was linked to Pakistan caused a stir. In fact, Pakistan is a nuclear power country and many countries including India are concerned that Pakistan may exchange nuclear technology with any third country at any time.

Recently, when North Korea conducted a missile test, India also expressed this concern at the UNSC. TS Thirumurthy, India’s permanent member of the UN, signaled that Pakistan had helped provide nuclear technology to North Korea, without naming Pakistan. At the same time, Pakistan has received missile technology assistance from North Korea.