June 2, 2023

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Israel | Israel successfully tests its Arrow 3 anti-missile system | The test of the anti-ballistic missile system has been successful, keep the features secret – it will be used in a few days

Tel Aviv9 hours ago

Israel had a huge victory on Tuesday. According to its Ministry of Defense, the last test of the Arrow-3 anti-ballistic missile system was 100% successful. What is special is that while all the details of the test were given, no information was reported about the advanced features of the Arrow-3. These are kept secret. The Israeli Air Force has clarified that the Arrow-3 will be handed over to the Air Force in the next few days. The defense system was co-created by Israeli and US defense experts.

What did the Ministry of Defense say?
“We have achieved remarkable success,” said Moshe Beadel, head of the Defense Ministry’s Missile Defense Organization. This is huge and we immediately hand it over to our Air Force.
Arrow-3 was first tested in February 2018. It is believed that since 2008, no country in the world has purchased such an important weapon. This may be the reason why Israel and the United States are currently keeping its advanced features secret. Several reports have emerged that short, medium and long-range missiles can not only be detected simultaneously, but also fired close to the launch site.

Successful test in all respects
Moses said – testing every part of this system is a huge success. It is an excellent system in terms of detection, launch and interception. It is now impossible to target this area. Technically it was a unique success.

Bose Levy, CEO of Israel Aerospace, said: “This whole system is algorithm-based and highly accurate. This will immediately detect the impending threat and inform the theater command. The enemy missile will be shot down by the reaction action in a few seconds. I can not say more than that.

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What happened during the test
The Ministry of Defense said – this is a direct test. The radar in our system recognized the threat. Its data was sent to the fire management system. This was followed by arrangements for the interception. Missiles fired from Arrow-3 then destroyed the target. What is special is that both goals came from different directions. Besides this, we can shoot two targets from different directions. Now Israel and the United States are developing the Arrow-4. This will be tested soon. Iran has been conducting missile tests for the past few days. In response, Israel and the United States have launched an ARO-3 test.

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