February 7, 2023

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Israel ROOK Robot News: Israel Elbit Systems Next Generation Robots Can Change Front Line Ground Forces

Surrounded by enemies such as Iran and Hamas, Israel has created a robot army to replace human soldiers on the border, not just war. Ilpit and Robotim, Israel’s famous defense company, have developed this robot army. With this Rok Unmanned Ground Vehicle (ROOK UGV), foot soldiers can be assisted to perform a variety of roles. Israeli companies say the robots could replace human soldiers on the border. In dangerous areas of the border at risk of sending humans, this robot can send soldiers and complete the desired job. These robots are equipped with dangerous weapons and can destroy enemies in the blink of an eye. Let’s learn the specialties of the Israeli robot army …

Israel’s stop robot like a ‘human machine’

“If you do not want to send soldiers to one place and send robots to their place, you need a solution,” said Ejaz Levy, CEO of Robotim. She called her stop UGV the ‘mom’ for unmanned vehicles. The design of this UGV is very special and its efficiency is significantly increased over the previous model. Like the ‘human machine’ that can fight him like a human being. Until now, all work done by drones and aerial robots in the sky could no longer be done on the ground, the company said. At the same time, on the battlefield, they can do the tasks that soldiers need to do. This blocking system is based on the PROBOT UGV system. The biggest feature of this is the connected system.

30km speed, do you know how much the ‘stop’ price is?


Israeli experts say the stopping robot is capable of perceiving risks and making decisions on its own. It is capable of artificial intelligence. This will make it easier to fight on the battlefield. If it is damaged on the battlefield, its part can be easily replaced by the soldiers there. The weight of the stop is 1200 kg and a bag with such weight can be easily carried. It is easily accessible even on bad roads and hilly areas. It runs at a height of 24 cm from the ground and can run at a speed of 30 km per hour. Its battery weighs 40 kg and lasts for 8 hours. For longer tasks, it has a spare battery space and can be used to install a generator inside. Many robots can only be operated by one person. The company says the Rock Robot will be priced between $ 150,000 and $ 300,000.

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The robot can walk in desert, snow or mountains

This parking robot can easily move day or night in desert, snow or other mountainous areas. Its sophisticated sensors can identify players and track them on the battlefield. It can move off the road without turning. It is capable of identifying grass, stones and other paths. It saves him from accidents and it’s like a man driving. The company hopes that this stop can be used to deliver supplies to robot soldiers, gather intelligence, send drones and even remote weapons. The company said it could send stop robots to areas where troops could not be sent. The company has sold its dangerous robots to 20 countries so far.

Watch the video to see how amazing the Israeli robot is