June 8, 2023

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Israel to attack Iran: Amos Yatlin, former intelligence chief of the Israeli Defense Forces, says Israel has the military capability to attack Iran.


  • The former intelligence chief says Israel has full capability to attack Iran
  • The former intelligence chief of the IDF said – revenge is a matter of concern to us
  • Israel fears Iran’s nuclear program could threaten reserve

Tel Aviv
Tensions are running high between Iran and Israel over nuclear weapons. Both countries have been conducting flight exercises with various countries for the past few days. Meanwhile, Amos Yatlin, the former intelligence chief of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), has warned of an attack on Iran. He has said that Israel has the power to attack Iran at any time. Israel has repeatedly been accused of attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The nuclear deal depends on negotiations
Amos Yatlin is the former head of the IDF Directorate of Military Intelligence. In an interview with 103FM radio, he said that Iran’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal depends on ongoing negotiations. He added that Israel’s retaliation against Iran also depended on the dialogue. However, he warned that this would not be an easy decision for the Israeli government.

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Israel has the full potential to attack Iran
He emphasized that the Israeli military was fully capable of sabotaging Iran’s nuclear program. Capable of attacking Iran at any time. But he said killing Iran was not a big challenge, but dealing with the consequences. This former Israeli intelligence chief pointed to Iran’s retaliation.

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Is Israel afraid of Iran’s retaliation?
Yatlin did not describe the specific challenges that Israel faced after the attack. But Iran has repeatedly warned that any mistake by Israel could cause great damage to their country. The former IDF intelligence chief said that Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett may have ordered the attack because of Iran’s failure to withdraw from the nuclear deal.


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