November 30, 2022

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Israeli ambassador to the UK DCP Hodowelli expelled from London School of Economics during pro-Palestinian student protests – International News in Hindi

The Israeli ambassador had to flee for his life. Israeli Ambassador to Britain Zippy Hodowelli, who arrived in Britain to attend the event, had to face opposition from Palestinian supporters. Palestinian supporters at the London School of Economics suddenly chanted slogans against the Israeli ambassador there. In view of the student protests, the Israeli ambassador had to be expelled immediately.

A video of the whole incident has also been released. The video shows Israeli Ambassador Zippy Hodovali arriving to attend the event. Meanwhile, Palestinian supporters created a stir there. Seeing the urgency of the place, you can see the security guards and bodyguards there somehow taking them out. Somehow the Ambassador is taken away in his official car. After that, she sat in the car and drove away.

The protesting students called on Israel to destroy the terrorist country and the ambassador’s car. However, the day after the demonstration, the Israeli ambassador said he was not afraid of such protests. Home Secretary Priti Patel and Education Secretary Nadahim Jahawi also criticized the protest.

The police were involved in the security work at the school entrance to the students struggle against Hatwol. Activists gathered outside, claiming that Israel was a terrorist country and demanding that it not be a hotel. Protesters waved Palestinian flags during the demonstration.

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They were evicted from the building and the struggle continued outside. After this, Hotwoli continued to speak with 200 guests. The struggle was led by a group of youth and students for solidarity with the Palestinians. This great struggle was supported by many large organizations and organizations in London.

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