March 27, 2023

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Japan’s Princess Mako’s husband Kei Komuro failed the New York State Bar exam.

Highlights of the story

  • The Japanese princess’ husband failed the exam
  • The princess was married against the royal family

Princess Mako of Japan recently married her boyfriend Kei Komuro, against the royal family. Mako and Komuro are constantly in the headlines about this marriage. Meanwhile, it has been reported that Princess Mako’s husband Komuro has failed the New York State Bar exam. Let’s know the whole thing ..

According to the ‘Daily Mail’, Princess Mako’s husband, Comoro Comoro, took the New York State Bar exams earlier this summer, the results of which were published on the New York State Board of Law Examiners’ website on Friday. But his name was not among the winning candidates.

However, after the failure, Komuro said he would continue his studies and re-sit the exam in February. At the same time, wife Mako has said that she will continue to support her husband’s studies.

Who is Princess Mako?

Mako, 29, is the granddaughter of former Japanese Emperor Akihito. In 2017, she got engaged to her friend Komuro. Comoro comes from an ordinary family and works for a law firm in the United States. Komuro proposed to Mako in 2013. After all the protests last week, Komuro and Mako got married.

Lost royal status for love

However, after this marriage, Princess Mako of Japan lost her royal status. With marriage, Mako is no longer a princess of Japan because her royal status ends when she marries an ordinary person in Japan. Moreover, Mako refused to take any money from the royal family.

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