June 8, 2023

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JF-17 Argentina: Pakistan’s mission in Argentina Posts on Instagram JF-17: Pakistan’s embassy in Argentina’s Instagram account hacked


  • There was great excitement when he tweeted that the Pakistani embassy in Argentina in Islamabad had been hacked.
  • Pakistani embassy writes that JF-17 agreement with Argentina may be canceled
  • The account was suspended, Pakistan said – telling Instagram

A post on the Instagram account of the Pakistani embassy in Argentina regarding the JF-17 deal has caused a stir in Islamabad. It was written in the record that the JF-17 agreement with Argentina may be canceled due to Pakistan’s lack of credibility. To alleviate the confusion after the post, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry said that the Instagram account of their Argentine embassy had been hacked. The entire account was then made offline.

What was written on the Instagram account?
In a post on the Instagram account of the Pakistani embassy in Argentina, it was written that we will lose the JF-17 agreement with Argentina. Only after a political change in Islamabad can Pakistan’s strength and credibility be restored. There can be no diplomatic reasons for failures.

Pakistan claims account hacked
Pakistan’s foreign office has tweeted that the Pakistani embassy’s Instagram account (@PakinArgentina) in Argentina has been hacked. The ministry said the information was passed on to Instagram. The State Department said the records from the account were not from the Pakistani embassy in Argentina.

JF-17 Argentina: Will Pakistan ‘junk’ warplane JF-17 fly under US nose? Going to buy Argentina!
Pakistani media reported on the deal
A few months ago, the Pakistani media reported that Argentina was planning to buy its JF-17. For this, Argentina has also allocated some money in its budget. However, there has been no response from the Argentine government to this statement. China developed the JF-17 along with foreign territories, to which Pakistan provided little cooperation. Pakistan claims that it has prepared this warplane on that basis.

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The 115 JF-17 fighter is operated by the Pakistan Air Force
Since 2009, Pakistan has produced a total of 115 units of JF-17 fighter jets. Last year, in 2020, Pakistan formally added a JF-17 dual-seat training aircraft to its air force. The JF-17 has five task forces and one aircraft at the Combat Commanders School, referred to as the Sixth Regiment of the Pakistan Air Force.

JF 17 fighter aircraft01

JF-17 fighter aircraft