June 9, 2023

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Joe Biden invites more than 100 countries to World Democracy Conference, Nepal and Pakistan More – US: Biden invites more than 100 countries to discuss democracy, only three of India’s neighbors invited

World Desk, Amar Ujala, Washington

Posted by: Sanjeev Kumar Ja
Updated Thursday, 09 December 2021 08:22 AM IST


World Democracy Summit: US President Joe Biden has called for a virtual summit on December 9-10 to discuss democracy. Of these, only India’s three neighbors have been invited.

Joe Biden
– Photo: ANI

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US President Joe Biden has invited more than 100 countries to the World Democracy Conference starting today. In these countries, along with India, there have been calls to its three neighbors. One is Pakistan, the other is Nepal and the third is the Maldives. The main purpose of the World Democratic Conference is to discuss democracy. The event, hosted by video link due to corona infection, will be hosted by the White House. Issues such as democracy and powerful authoritarianism or dictatorship will be discussed. Meanwhile, Ujra Jiah, Undersecretary for Civil Defense, Democracy and Human Rights, make no mistake, we are in the moment of democratic reckoning.

China did not receive a call, Nepal and the Maldives were invited

There was no invitation to talk about India’s neighbor China. Although Nepal and the Maldives are invited. On the other hand, China’s neighbor South Korea is still close to the United States and has received an invitation to this summit.

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The call did not come to these neighbors of India

India’s neighbors not invited to the summit include Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Bhutan and Iran.

Shock call to Pakistan

The call for Pakistan to discuss democracy is certainly surprising. Since democracy is just a show in Pakistan, there the military and the ISI rule from behind.

What is the purpose of this summit

The main purpose of this discussion is to focus on the challenges and opportunities facing democracies around the world. Apart from this, the purpose of this summit is to provide a platform for leaders to declare individual and collective commitments and reform efforts to protect democracy and human rights in the country and in the world.