October 5, 2022

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Kamala Harris holds the presidency for 85 minutes

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Harris, 57, was given the presidency for 85 minutes

Vice President Kamala Harris became the first American woman to hold the office of President for a short time. In fact, these powers were granted during President Joe Biden’s routine medical examination.

Harris, 57, was given presidential powers for 85 minutes, while Biden fainted during his routine colonoscopy on Friday.

The White House said Biden, a Democrat, informed parliamentarians of the transfer of powers at 10.10am local time and then withdrew at 11.35am.

Biden’s doctor issued a statement after the operation, saying Biden was now healthy and able to cope with his workload.

On the evening of the president’s 79th birthday, a medical examination took place at the Walter Reed Military Hospital outside Washington.

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Kamala Harris took charge

According to officials, this time Harris did all the work from his office in the western section of the White House.

She was the first woman to be elected Vice President of the United States and the first black and South American American woman. In the 250-year history of American democracy, no woman has ever been president.

The process for transferring the powers of the President is documented under the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution. This can happen when the president is unable to fulfill his duties.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the temporary transfer of powers was “unprecedented and part of the process under the US Constitution.”

He was smiling when the President returned to the White House. As he says during this time, I feel very good.

President Biden’s doctor Kevin O’Connor said: “President Biden is healthy and active, and he has the ability to successfully run for president.”

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He was smiling when the President returned to the White House. As he says during this time, I feel very good.

What was found in the president’s medical examination

During the colonoscopy, a ‘benign polyp’ was found that could be easily removed, the president’s doctor said.

O’Connor said the president’s tactic was “a little harsher” than before. He said it was caused by an old spinal cord.

Biden is the oldest president in the United States and underwent a full health examination in December 2019.

After this age, there are speculations that Biden will run for a second term as president in 2024. Pitan also expressed optimism about this.

Biden assured the nation that he would be more open about his health than former President Donald Trump.

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In 2019, Republican leader Trump reached Walter Reed Hospital, where he said then-Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham had gone to the hospital for unknown reasons. However, it was later clarified that Trump went for colonoscopy.

When asked about Trump’s mental health, his doctor answered questions about his health.

President Biden’s doctor has released his medical report stating that he is ‘healthy, energetic’ and ‘qualified to handle the responsibilities of the presidency’.