June 6, 2023

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Kanhaiyalal: Reactions from abroad to the murder of a Hindu tailor in Udaipur

Image source, Mohar Singh Meena / BBC

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Many controversies within India and the resulting violence have attracted international attention. Recently, India had to deal with the diplomatic level with controversial comments about former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma Mohammad Nabi.

Many Islamic countries have issued statements regarding India and demanded drastic action. Qatar demanded that India apologize. Nupur Sharma was suspended from the party by the Bharatiya Janata Party.

On Monday, Mohammed Zubair, co-founder of the fact-checking website Alt News, was arrested and the news made headlines in the Arab media. Doha News reports that #IStandWithZubair was popular on social media in Qatar on Tuesday.

Qatar broadcaster Al-Jazeera reports that Mohammed Zubair has been arrested for his 2018 tweet. In fact, the case of Nupur Sharma was loudly raised by Mohammad Jubair. Later this issue became an issue in the Islamic countries across the border and then the Islamic countries issued statements one by one against India. Mohammed Zubair is also currently under arrest for insulting religious sentiments.