June 2, 2023

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Malabar Naval Exercise 2021: Quad nations Malabar Exercise 2nd August


  • Indirect news to China that the navies of the Quad nations will be involved
  • The exercise will continue in the Bay of Bengal from October 12-15
  • Advanced Surface and Submarine Combat Training

New Delhi
The most famous navy in the Bay of Bengal Malabar Maneuvers The first and second phase starts today. The training will take place from October 12-15. These include the Indian Navy, Japan’s Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, Australia’s Royal Australian Navy and the United States Navy. In this, many warships and other ships in the front line of the navies of the four countries will do many rigorous exercises. The Malabar Naval Exercise began in 1992 as a bilateral exercise between the Indian Navy and the US Navy in the Indian Ocean. Japan became a permanent member of the training in 2015. Subsequently, following India’s invitation, Australia participated in the Malabar exercise last year as well. This exercise will demonstrate the capability of the Indian Navy.

Marcos is no less than an American brand
Marine commandos or Marcos are also known as Marine Commando Forces. This is the Special Forces Group of the Indian Navy. Marcos has been involved in many secret missions since the 1980s. Marcos carries out their operations very quickly and easily, by no means can they be considered inferior to American brands. The elite special forces of the Indian Navy specialize in everything from terrorist attacks to underwater operations and anti-piracy operations. Marcos Commandos have the best weapons in the world, including the TAR-21 assault rifle.

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Founded 36 years ago
Marcos was established in 1985 as the Indian Maritime Special Forces (IMSF). Two years later, their name was changed to Marine Commando Force (MCF). His goal – some of the fearless. The training of Marine Commandos is considered one of the toughest exercises in the world. The standard line on which all marks are eligible to jump. Some freefalls (HALO / HAHO) qualify for para jump. It has high height low opening and high height high opening. After rigorous training, the commandos remain part of the army for three to five years.

An example is ‘Operation Cactus’ in 1988
Many of Marcos’ activities are an example in themselves. After independence, India’s first military operation on foreign soil under the name ‘Operation Cactus’ is still recorded in the pages of history. In November 1988, the Tamil Eelam People’s Liberation Organization (PLOT) attempted a coup by Tamil militants in the Maldives. In this regard, the Maldives sought the help of other countries, including India. In 1988, Indian Marine Commandos successfully carried out the operation in the Maldives. The operation was carried out by the Indian Army only on a tourist map on foreign soil. The warships of the Indian Navy, Godavari and Petwa, also played an important role. David Brewster, a visitor to the Australian National University, said India had received international acclaim for the move ‘in the Indian Ocean’.


Operation Pawan was given in Sri Lanka
Jaffna jetty destroyed by Operation Pawan in Sri Lanka. In the process, Marquez swam 12 kilometers under the sea and reached his destination. During this time, he had a weapon bunker on his back. The port exploded with explosives without anyone noticing. When the Tigers retaliated, they returned to their ship undamaged.

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Marcos commandos are also stationed at these locations
Amid the ongoing conflict between India and China, Indian Navy Marine Commandos (Marcos) are stationed in the Pangong Lake area in eastern Ladakh. According to media reports, ‘Marcos is parked in the Pangong Lake area. Clashes between Indian and Chinese troops have been raging here since last year. Apart from this, the Indian Navy has stationed its Marcos teams to combat terrorism in the Wular Lake area of ​​Jammu and Kashmir.

Malabar drill